So Here We Are

October 21, 2010

We finally made it to our new home!

We rambled around an empty house last weekend because Yummy Man insisted that we leave temporary lodging even though our household goods weren’t scheduled to arrive for another three days, which was all well and good and money-saving until nighttime when it hit me that there was no more HGTV.

And the kids did have fun sliding wildly all over the laminate floors  because there was no furniture to stop them.

And by Sunday, we were ready to get our stuff which was a good thing because it arrived on Monday!  The mover guys walked up our 1/3-mile driveway to make sure they could get the trucks up to our house.

Yes, I said “trucks”.  As in plural.

Because we had 15 crates of household goods.  And not apple crates.  They were those big, honkin’ wooden crates you see on large ocean liners, crossing the wind-whipped sea to take their precious cargo to far-off lands to turn a house into someone’s home.

You see that kind of thing sometimes, right?

So I took all the kids away from the house for the day and we ran errands to Walmart and Lowe’s and the greatest thrift store in this area, Value Village, and spent so much money that our credit  card called and asked how it was possible to spend $62 dollars at McDonald’s and WHY did you spend so much at Lowe’s and we had to tell them for the 42nd time that WE WERE IN THE PROCESS OF MOVING OUR LARGE FAMILY TO ALASKA, OKAY?????

While I’m impressed with their security and all, a small part of me just wants to tell them to mind their own business and how would they like it if I called them every time they bought a pack of Marlboros and asked them WHY would someone do that to themselves??

Just sayin’.

And now there will be an extreme shift to another subject…..just didn’t want you to get whiplash or anything.

ALL THE WAY from Calgary to our city here in Alaska, we looked for moose.  But I say “meese” because I like to confuse the kids and I’m funny like that.  Mouse…mice.  Moose…meese.  See?  It’s not too far-fetched!  You kinda like it too, don’t you?

So we looked and looked and saw lots of other cool wildlife, but no meese.  Even when we were in temporary lodging, we kept our eyes peeled.  Nothin’.

Until we moved to our new house.  Within the first hour there, I did a double-take out the master bedroom window and there was a big ‘ole moose, standing in our pasture.  I find it very appropriate that the first Alaskan moose we saw was in our own yard.  And divine.  Because God cares about meese too.

When we got back home, the movers were just leaving and I almost started crying when I saw all my stuff in our house.  It had been over a month since I had had my couch and my bookcases and all my wonderful kitchen toys, but most importantly……our king bed!!!!!!  I really haven’t slept well since September 13, which is when we moved out of our Arizona house and began the adventure of sleeping in various rooms and beds and cabins all the way from Tucson to Alaska.  I wanted to kiss my bed.  And even though we spent hours……HOURS!…..searching for the sheets, I finally ended up pulling dirty ones from the month-old laundry around 11 o’clock that night.

Don’t you dare judge me.  You would’ve done the same if you’d basically been camping for the last month on an air mattress 6 inches off the ground that required me with my large, hard, very-pregnant belly to roll off onto the floor, get on all-fours, hoist a leg up, grab onto the nearest piece of heavy furniture, pull myself up, and walk 2 feet to the bathroom.  Four times a night.

The first night back in our luscious bed, I only had to sit up, swing my feet over the edge, and stand up.  Wow.  It’s amazing what you find yourself thankful for after a month of living out of tote bags and eating restaurant food and sleeping on hotel room floors.

Case in point……Last night, I actually cooked a normal meal for the first time in over a month.  Temporary lodging had cooking facilities fit for a Barbie, with no oven, no counter space, and the two tiniest burners you’ve ever seen.  So as I was saying, last night, I put on an apron and cooked a real meal in a real kitchen.  10-Year-Old came in from outside, looked at me, and said, “Oh, I LOVE this!  You in the kitchen wearing an apron, playing that CD you play when you cook, making us Chicken Chimichangas!”

And I knew right then and there that I will never have to worry about him marrying a feminist.

So the unpacking continues.

And so do the annoying questions……

“Mommy?  Have you found my big cars yet?”

“Mommy?  Did you find Lily yet?”  (And I didn’t even realize that was a Beanie Baby dog!)

“Mommy?  Where is my Lego set?”

And on and on and on.  Yummy Man is also a part of it, giving me a list of things I must find in the next day or two.  He actually asked my tonight if I had seen his miter box.

Yeah.  I’m so surprised it wasn’t in the box with the cloth diapers and Bath and Body Works lotions.


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