Where I’ve Been

November 9, 2010

Take a wild guess.

And if you guessed that I’ve been buried under 8 gazillion-trillion boxes, you’d be only partially right.

It’s ACTUALLY 25 gazillion-trillion boxes.

So you’re not as smart as you thought you were, huh?

If we had moved into a 4000-square-foot house, I probably would’ve been done with this unpacking thing 2 weeks ago.  I would’ve been using this sentence a lot…..”Put it downstairs in the basement somewhere and I’ll get to it before we get orders again.”  But see, I have to fit everything into this house and it takes extreme organization and thought and work, and most of that I’m not particularly inclined towards right now in my life.

Being very large with child and slow in body and mind but not in emotional outbursts and all.

Just bein’ real here.

It’s kinda ironic that we have 51 sprawling acres outside our door, but inside, we have 1500 square feet, 2 legal bedrooms, and 1 bathroom.

Oh yeah.  And 2 closets.

Yeah.  Two.

So you can see the fun we’ve been having here.  Even knowing that I relish a good organizational challenge, I’m done now.  Because what is left over after 3 weeks of work is a pink, floral hairclip on the kitchen island, along with a hammer, 2 K’nex pieces, a lone sock, and a clothespin.  Over on that end table in the living room are various coloring pictures where only one color was used, a lego sword, and a box of Kleenex that has one side torn off.  Upstairs on our bedroom floor is a box of computer parts we got from the dump, maternity clothes that I outgrew 3 days after I found out I was pregnant, one-half of a curtain, 3 extension cords, and a broken antique bench.

Are you maybe getting the idea now that a LOT of my day is spent suppressing frustrated and loud screaming?

Because all the fun unpacking was overwith 2 weeks ago.  You know, the hanging of pictures and the rearranging of furniture and the unpacking of the kitchen toys that I dreamed about while in temporary lodging.

Now it’s the leftover stuff that has nowhere to go.  And I’ve already done a lot of throwing away, even though I purged heavily before we left Arizona.

But it’s been snowing and all the birch trees with the white trunks, now also have white, frozen branches so it’s all a winter wonderland up here and I find myself humming Christmas songs in my head and trying to figure out where to put the Christmas tree in a few weeks.

And the kids play outside, climbing trees in the snow and swinging on the swingset in the cold…..and totally loving this whole thing!

So I’m not really complaining.  Just…..um…..stating facts in my life right now.  Yeah.

And very soon, I will begin the homesteading page of this blog because we are very close to acquiring…….um…….a homestead-ish item.

It’s a surprise, okay?

And now I’m going to post a picture or two because I said I would and haven’t yet and I don’t want to be called a big, fat liar by any of my readers who might be a little irritated that I haven’t written in so long.

The big and fat part would be right, but the liar part might hurt my feelings and you do NOT want to do THAT right now.  Ask Yummy Man.

This is out our door, looking to the left of our house.

We’re not in Arizona anymore, are we?

Ugly, huh?  Yeah, we hate it here.



6 Responses to “Where I’ve Been”

  1. Mindy said

    Lovely pictures!
    And before the ground freezes solid, send the boys out to dig a big hole, and just BURY all the rest of the stuff that’s driving you crazy. End of problem!
    Aren’t you glad you have me? :o)

  2. Susan said

    Beautiful. What a beautiful view you have. Well it’s nothing like Arizona.

  3. Patti said

    ONE BATHROOM?!??! Have you fallen back to issuing each child a chamber pot?

  4. Aunt Duane said

    Thanks for the pictures and the wilderness, at least one of us will have lived on 51 acres. You are living my dream. No, 10 children were not in my dream. The country, snow, wilderness, mountains, all the animals, etc. they were in my dream.

    I love you all,
    Aunt Duane

  5. Mother said

    It’s absolutely Beautiful! I can see why you love it so much. Welcome back – we missed you!

  6. Celi said

    Yeah, that’s just putrid. Psshh. Nothing lovely about the landscaping. And that white blanket outside REALLY needs to get folded and put away before it gets ruined…what? what is that? Snow? What are you talking about? I think you need to move back to Arizona.

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