A Sincere and Heartfelt Apology

January 6, 2011

You think I’m going to apologize for not blogging lately, huh?

Yeah, I probably SHOULD but not really feeling the need, what with a new baby and just getting over the extreme and all-encompassing pain of nursing and more stuff that would explain my lack of blogging seem noble and valid.


Actually?  I’m apologizing to you other moms out there…..that you don’t get to have my baby and her extreme and utter cuteness.

She has this hair that has cowlicks all over it, making it stick up at her crown and then having the little swirly, side-cowlick just like the one that made me marry Yummy Man.

And she honks in her sleep.

When she’s rearranging herself in her bed, she’ll let out a little baby-swan-honk that just makes you want to run over, lift her out of her crib, and lick her all over.


And sometimes, when she’s sleeping, every time she exhales, she’ll let out a little squeak.

I know.  It’s adorable.

Even though she sounds like a squeaky bath toy with hair, you just can’t get enough of it!

By the way, she sleeps….like…..23 hours and 51 minutes a day which is a little weird because it’s not like she has this huge, marathon-like birth effort to get over or anything.

I mean, she’s not the one who did all the work, right?  She was just along  for the ride!  Yes, she did have to breath air for the first time and experience cold and clothes-changing which, to a newborn, is right up there w/ waterboarding, apparently.

In other news.

The weather.

On the day we brought Newest, Most Adorable Baby Born in 2010 home, the temperature outside was -35.

Bitter, yes.

A week later, it was POSITIVE 35 and a chinook wind came through our area and warmed everything up in a very weird and wonderful way.

The kids went outside with no socks on inside their boots and a long-sleeved shirt and pants.

One afternoon, my weird older boys went outside to swing in the afternoon, and thought they were funny when they stripped down to just pants.

No shirts.  No boots.  No hats or mittens.

Half-naked swinging-on-the-swingset, shirtless boys.

It was like spring had come!  Yummy Man, otherwise known as HUGE Weather Geek, kept checking the temperature online and exclaiming excitedly over the wind and temperature changes.

And how it was SO MUCH COOLER living where the weather CHANGES and is not always sunny and hot and dry and hot!

Another subject change………..

2-Year-Old had a meltdown yesterday.  It was actually the worst kind because it began the SECOND he woke up.

So…..not a good way to start the day.

I took him downstairs and tried to coax him into a better mood but he wasn’t havin’ it.  He stood beside the chair where I was sitting, holding Most Adorable Newborn in the Universe, and cried and cried and cried.

I tried to distract him by asking him questions, one of which was……”Do you like your new sister?”……to which he responded with an emphatic “NO!”, wiped his eyes and kept right on crying.

When I asked him why he didn’t like her, he said “Because she cries too much!”

Hi, Pot!  This is Kettle!  You’re black!


One Response to “A Sincere and Heartfelt Apology”

  1. Aunt Duane said

    The newborns are so adorable regardless of weight, height, looks, hair or NOT, color, etc. I loved to hold them in the nursery while rocking and feeding them. The hospital could have done without paying me just for the privilege of holding each and everyone. Glad all is well with you (except the milking issue) and family. Tell hello, ILY

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