Still Here. You?

February 11, 2011

Sorry I’ve been such a blogging loser lately.

This place has been hard to adjust to.  It is beautiful and wild but we are isolated and it has been something that I’ve never experienced before.  I grew up in the country but could always see the road and a few neighbors across the street and to one side.

This place is not like that.

But it’s so nice to let the kids be as loud as they want to be and wear clothes that don’t match or put on that shirt that has the butter stain on the front that one particular boy just can’t seem to give up.

It’s great to crank up the music and let the kids dance without worrying about the neighbors.

But the cold…’s COLD!  And the snow is ever-present and the noise in the house?  Well, can YOU hear my kids?  Because it wouldn’t surprise me if you could.

Also?  With three big boys in the house who enjoy wrestling and guns and running and often incorporate all three things into some kind of loud, house-rocking indoor game…..well, cabin fever is definitely an issue here.

But the dark-most-of-the-day thing is slowly fading.  When we wake up in the morning now, there is a light in the sky that makes me want to get up and get moving and NOT sleep until 11 a.m. like earlier.  Not that I actually ever DID that or anything.  Because that would be bad, wouldn’t it?

The last week has been nice, and by “nice” I mean, above 0.  The kids have been outside playing in just a jacket and their snow boots and the temperatures have been around 13 degrees.  So……weird.  Yeah.  Remember the dry heat in Arizona that I loved so much?  (snort!)  Well, here, there is a dry COLD and it’s amazing how cold it’s NOT!  20 degrees here feels like 40 or 50 in South Carolina.

The boys were out the other day and came running inside to tell me to look out the window to see the see-saw they had made and were using.

Scary probably wouldn’t describe it sufficiently.

It was made up of a large round log with a long board on top where they sat.  Sounds okay so far.

But wait.

BELOW the log, they had stacked various rusty metal boxes and containers of questionable quality so that the log was TEETERING on top.

And our feminine, gullible little girls were testing it out for them, apparently.

Needless to say, the see-saw was then altered to conform to Mommy Specifications.

Then the boys deemed it boring and ran off to find something else dangerous to occupy their time.

Because from what we’ve heard, that’s what Alaska is all about…….


Temperatures that will kill you if you aren’t careful!!!

No building codes!!!!

And scary, homemade-but-not-in-a-good-way playground equipment!!!!!

Horray!  Let’s all move to Alaska!

(Insert mind picture of me leaping into the air and clicking my heels together.  Because I do that a lot…..what with all that extra energy I have.)


4 Responses to “Still Here. You?”

  1. Connie McEntire said

    I just wnt to say I love you writing! I have always wanted to live in Alaska, but I am still here in the heat of Arizona. So reading your blog has been facinating! Congratulations on your new baby.

  2. Mindy said

    So glad you blogged! Been having withdrawals! 🙂

  3. Patti said

    Madness…but this summer, it will be heaven, of a sorts, right? In the meantime, may I suggest incorporating DEAR time once or twice a day–Drop Everything And Read. Those who cannot read may get read to by a larger person. Fifteen minutes or so once or twice a day might be just the ticket until summer arrives!

  4. Wandainez Opitz said

    I do still read your blog and I love to hear your stories! They still make me laugh! We are now up to #6 with our little girl who was born in August. Congrats on your little girl! Hoorah! You so encourage me with your fun look at the crazy things on life! Thanks for sharing!

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