Guess What?

March 14, 2011

Well, it’s finally happening!

We have heard about it all winter….that it WOULD come but we are just beginning to actually believe it.


We still have a LOT of snow on the ground which has been there since October which blows the mind of this South Carolina girl.

But most days it’s above zero now which signals ALMOST swimsuit weather here!

The littlest ones are able to go outside to play now since it IS above zero in the afternoons and they think it’s the coolest thing to be allowed outside!


Really, the whole time we’ve been here has been very hard for me.  That’s really why I haven’t blogged much.

I’ve been kinda fearful and other sad and pitiful things that I just won’t divulge here since most of you come to this blog to laugh at me and feel better about yourselves through reading about my weird, freaky life.


Anyway, I feel that I’m on the other end of it now and have figured out that most of it was a combination of a few things.


Winter darkness.

Living out here in this wild place with no road or other houses in sight.

Only moose and the occasional brave squirrel.

Another good thing about my life right now besides the promise of spring is that we finally found a church yesterday!

And I’m thinking there might be one or two ladies there whom I might be able to fool into thinking that I’m almost normal and don’t you want to be my friend?

And now here is a post about my almost-3-year-old.

Which means that he’s 2.


Just checking.

Four-Year-Old found an absolute treasure out in the snow the other day.  (sarcasm alert.)  It was an astounding artifact that I am SO GLAD to now have in our home.

A yellow, half-broken bubble wand.


The little boys fought over it like it was the Holy Grail.

So one night last week before bed, Almost-3-Year-Old somehow acquired it and was blowing pretend bubbles in the living room with Yummy Man.

Well, Yummy Man started really getting into it, blowing on the wand really slowly like when you’re trying to make this HUGE bubble and then he’d get Almost-3-Year-Old really excited about how BIG it was and THERE IT IS!  HURRY!  GO SEE IF YOU CAN GET IT!!!

He thought he was really funny.

But Almost-3-Year-Old was seriously getting into it too, but not in the way you’d think.

He was totally trying to show up Yummy Man by running after it, LEAPING three inches into the air, smacking his hands together to pop it and then strutting back to Yummy Man like…..Yeah, Daddy.  Did you see me slap that bad boy out of the air?

And we really couldn’t tell if he really thought that he was actually doing this or if he was totally putting us on.

By the way, this kid is scarily smart.  And not because I’m his mother and have to think this.  He really is.

Smart people have told me so.

But the funniest part was when Yummy Man “blew” another huge bubble and Almost-3-Year-Old ran after it, stopped, looked up to the ceiling and then told him that he couldn’t reach it because it was too high.

His words.

And then it flew out into the entryway and was gone.

We are hurtin’ for fun here, aren’t we?

Yeah.  Well, remember, it’s winter.

In Alaska.

We need all the fun we can get.


3 Responses to “Guess What?”

  1. Mindy said

    Love it!!!

  2. Heather said

    I am glad it is almost spring aka “break up” in these parts. Alaska is weird like that! I feel more human when there is at least 9 hours of sunlight each day. Glad to hear you are feeling more chipper as of late. Happy to hear you found a church that suits you all – enjoy the longer days and hopefully soon melting snow. Feel free *ahem* to e-mail me should you ever want to let our kids loose on each other again. Oh, and I FINALLY saw my first (and second) moose and a fabulous aurora show last week. Hello to the kiddos:)

  3. Patti said

    Amazing. Virtual bubbles without the need of a Wii or X-box. I didn’t think kids still knew how to have fun without a remote control of some kind :o)

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