So Here’s the Plan…..

March 22, 2011

Every once in awhile, usually when I’m feeling like no one loves me and I wish that I had longer, thicker hair, I will check out the stats for this blog.  These stats tell me how many people are reading this blog each day and where they are reading it.

It seems, from checking out the stats, that I have readers, literally, all over the world which I find pretty cool on one hand, slightly disturbing on the other hand, and unbelievable on the third hand.

What?  You don’t have a third hand?  Weird.  Maybe God grew me an extra one after Child 5 or something.

But the thing is that only a VERY few people leave comments.  I understand that it may be frustrating to you that I don’t comment back but I just kinda see each blog post as a pleasant conversation with each of my readers and your comments to me are in response to what I wrote in the post.  See how that works?

Also?  It’s hard to find the time to comment on each comment what with the homeschooling and meal-planning and grocery-shopping and everyday-living that comes with being the mom of ten children.

Sounds like a lame excuse, doesn’t it?

Moving on.

So the point of THIS post is to bring all of you out of the woodwork.

Some of you, kicking and screaming.

Basically?  If you read this blog regularly, I’d love to hear from you.  Really.  It would make my month.

You can tell me why you read it or how often you read it or just tell me to shut up already and get a life.

Just remember, I moderate all comments before I put them on the blog so if you’re going to be a meany-pants, then don’t bother.

Also?  The readers in the U.K.?  Can I just tell you how excited I am that you are reading my stuff?

See, I have a weird thing with British accents.

I want one so badly, it’s embarrassing.  I know that I should want more noble stuff and I DO, but the British accent thing?  Totally a secret wish.

This doesn’t surprise my children because when I read to them, I use British accents.

One of the more recent books I read aloud to them for school was set in Iraq I think.

But all the characters had British accents.

I tell the kids it’s so they can differentiate between just the general storyline and when characters are talking.

So really, it’s HELPING them although every time I start it, they groan and roll their eyes.

Back to the intent of this post.

Please leave me a comment if you are a regular reader of my blog.  If you just found this blog and aren’t sure you want to continue because the 10-kid thing is a little disturbing, comment anyway.  If you found my blog while you were searching how to grow olive plants or prune olive plants or eat olives or make an olive plant shake or something, comment anyway.


I need it.

And Mom and Dad?  Not necessary.

Coerced readers don’t count.


33 Responses to “So Here’s the Plan…..”

  1. Happy Geek said

    I read it in Alberta. Been reading since you had 8 kids and lived in the Midwest. I read on a feed reader and usually am too lazy to click over and comment.

  2. Kristin said

    I comment occasionally… I enjoy reading your blog because, in general, you make me smile. 🙂 <- See, just did! Also, the fact that you have more kids than me (I've *only* got 7) means we have something in common… and you also hate really hot weather, so there's that. Plus? Now you're living in Alaska… and have a cow… so I'm just a little jealous. Oh, and the many-kids-in-a-small-house thing is a real draw (the 9 of us live in not quite 1000 sq. ft.). So there you have it.

    • Kristin said

      Guess I could have added that I live in MN… where it’s currently raining/sleeting/snowing. And I spent my morning shoveling 1/4″ of slush off my driveway so it didn’t freeze before we get the 6″ of snow later… isn’t it supposed to be Spring?!?

    • Heather G said

      Waving hi to Kristin as she’s my dearest friend and I think it’s hilarious to see her on here..didn’t know she read your blog!

      I also live in MN and I read as often as I can..usally every week or other week depending on time! I only have 2 kids and don’t know how you find time to even get online! I do work fulltime so spend more time away from home then at home I guess!

  3. Amy Moller said

    ooooh! I love to read you every chance I get! I often call several to the computer to hear the latest roflol-type thing you have posted. I have read your blog for 2 years now…I even went back and read earlier posts from your previous blog.
    You see, I need your type of life stories. I am a homeschool mom of 9 Olive Plants…no, not going for 10, we are done (there now you don’t have to ask the question that you have no business asking) #1 is 19 and will be married in 6 weeks! #9 is 9 months old and is NAK. (Nursing At Keyboard)
    Thank you for your encouraging posts…which may only be this type of encouragement for someone who has experienced so much of the same things.
    Though, I don’t envy your Alaska-thing. I don’t think I could do that. My Mighty Man would drop everything and head there, but not me. I long for a longer growing season…not a shorter one.
    Blessings to you Dear Cyber Friend…would love to meet you one day! (I won’t look at your hair)

    • Amy Moller said

      Ugh, I forgot to say where I am from…Minnesota. Oh and I read your running blog…but have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what you are talking about. You see I am running-impaired due to the presence of “Bertha”, pet name for what is leftover after so many pregnancies.

  4. tiggerandbug said

    I heard about your blog last year through a friend. She has 9 children, and I have 7. I have your blog on my google reader list. 🙂 I appreciate your sense of humor and always look forward to your next post. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Debbie van der Hoeven said

    I read, but often don’t “have time” to respond or felt like you really cared if we did or didn’t….

    You wrote: “It’s hard to find the time to comment on each comment what with the homeschooling and meal-planning and grocery-shopping and everyday-living that comes with being the mom of ten children.” Ditto here….the 10 kids and everything…except, I don’t live in Alaska, and one of mine is married and on his own.

    I love hearing what life is like there for you…and pictures…pictures would be great…of your surroundings, not the family. I understand the privacy thing.

  6. Jordan said

    I still read sometimes, when I notice that you have a new post on my “subscriptions” page on WordPress.

    Jordan in Az (where it’s already hot)

  7. Jill said

    I am such a terrible commenter! I know how wonderful it is to receive feedback, even if it’s a silly one word comment (ok, maybe more than that;). I have been reading your blog since around the time you had baby #9 and I had my number 4. I love love your style, humor and sheer desire to make it all work! Even though you don’t post pictures, I love reading what’s new and exciting in your section of the world.

  8. Charity said

    I check your blog regularly, and read it whenever you have a new post! 😉 j/k, I understand the 10 kids, busy mom thing. 🙂 I also check your running blog, and now your Little Cabin in the Arctic blog – so jealous of your milk cow! (we have chickens and two goats). I love your humorous and sarcastic posts, you make me smile, and laugh…ok, and even snort occasionally!:-D Oh, and I live in Michigan, and we were having a nice March thaw, all the snow was gone…we took down our paper snowflakes… and last night we got dumped on with 4 inches of wet, icy snow and sleet!:-P Oh well, that is Michigan!

  9. Trinka said

    I read … I’m not coerced! 🙂 But, like Happy Geek, I usually read in a feed reader, and so am too lazy to take the extra step to leave a comment.

  10. Darlene said

    I started reading your blog from a link on my daughter’s blog. Also, she has met you! When you lived in Tucson.
    You are so entertaining and I really enjoy all your posts. Keep them coming………………and more often!

  11. I read it all the time…when there are new posts that is… =) I even read the homestead ones and the running ones! I love comments too =)

  12. Heather said

    I’m pretty sure you know I read your blog because I occasionally leave a commment:)
    Really enjoy your posts and I’ll have to try that recipe you shared. Take care and hello to your family.

  13. Robin said

    Hi Allison,
    We still read and love hearing how your family is doing. We miss your family!

  14. Alisha Sullivan said

    I just recently became a devoted reader and read your old stuff and waited anxiously for you to settle in so you could blog again! I have to tell you we are facing a move to someplace where we know nobody and I will be having a baby about a month after we move…I totally felt encouraged when you moved and didn’t completely freak out (at least online) about having a baby with a new doc, hospital, no one to watch your kids, etc…If you can do it I can too! Trying to be as tough as you with a whole lot less kids! (prego with 4th)

    • oliveplants said

      Oh, I feel your trepidation! But it’s always such a fun adventure to move someplace new! We’ve lived in 15 places since we joined the Air Force almost 18 years ago and I always look forward to a new city or country to explore! I definitely have my moments of fear at times but the thing that makes it okay for me is that my husband is truly my best friend. So whenever we go someplace new, I’m going w/ my most favorite person and we just figure it out together w/ all the kids and chaos and our weird sense of humor. So look on your move as an adventure that you can either be really stressed about and ruin for everyone (ask me how I know this), or be excited about all the possibilities and opportunities that are to come! It also helps tremendously to find a great church! That and a house are the single most important things we do when we move to a new place. You’ll do great. You CAN do this and you WILL! You’ll make new friends, your sweet baby will get born one way or another, your children will have a blast meeting new people and having new bedrooms and a new yard to run around in, and in a few months, you’ll feel like you’ve been there longer than you actually have! =)


  15. Trina said

    How long have I been reading your blog?? You would remember better than me, due to my very poor memory skills, but I commented way back then about how I *had* to start at the very very very beginning and read all your posts in chronological order–remember that? (That was a rhetorical question b/c I KNOW that your memory is way better than mine.)

    If any of you commenters out there don’t have her book, you should get it, it’s awesome!!

  16. I totally love to read with a British accent too!!!! I love reading from Nesbit and others of that time for this very reason. I can actually pull off a British, Scottish and Irish accent. I have no idea if they are correct but they’re different and I have my kids fooled. I’m mesmerized by British TV shows on Public TV. Love Netflix for the same reason.

  17. Kate said

    I just started reading your blog this weekend. It came up on my recommended sites through my reader. I live in Oklahoma with my husband and my 3 stepsons. We’re adopting a sibling group, we live in a small house, and I might just use your blog as evidence that many children can live in a small house if DHS doesn’t want to give us the 5 siblings we want! : )

  18. Mindy said

    I think you KNOW I read, but I’m commenting anyway. I’m enjoying reading everyone else’s responses! 🙂

  19. Grace said

    I love your blog! I’m always checking for new posts. We miss you all so much down here! (Where it’s hot…)

  20. Stacey said

    I don’t remember how I found you but we have the military thing in common, but my hubby is a Marine and thankuflly I am NOT in Alsaka!
    We, hubby and two girls, are currently in TX but I’m from NC. I keep checking your blog at least once a week because you make me bust out laughing all the time, I LOVE your sense of humor, its like mine and you write how I wish I could write.
    Keep the laughs coming!

  21. Dana said

    Hey Allison–I guess I am just a sorry blog reader. For some reason I lost your feed and totally missed your move to ALASKA!! WOW!! I hope all is well.
    I was working at a cupcake shop until last week but I quit since the kids are getting out of school soon. Matt and I are on the board of a new classical Christian school starting in our town and between those two things I had NO free time.

    I still appreciate your humor and can so hear your voice as I read what you write. I think I can even hear your British accent! 🙂 We are raising tobacco (not my decision–no one will be smoking it though), a pig and setting up bee hives this summer. Jack was on the phone with my dad asking him to bring him some apple trees and dogwood trees.
    I subscribed again so I hope that it makes it to my RSS feed or email box. Blessings to you and ALL yours!!

  22. Charity said

    I read from Northern Virginia/DC. I believe you know my sister from Tucson. I read your blog because you say things like “thick chocolate flavored hair” which make me laugh. Your secret wish is for a British accent? Mine is to be as funny as you are on your worst day.

  23. palmettoboy said

    I love it. Only complaint I have is that we don’t get one EVERY day! Palmettoboy

  24. Dana said

    Is palmetto boy from the palmetto state bc that is where Allison and I met

  25. Cheryl said

    I am reading this as I like to laugh and your writing is superb!!!! You are a faithful blogger, with a wonderful family…… FARM FAMILY love nana C

  26. Kim Mc. said

    Hi, Allison!! Just getting caught up on recent posts. I remember your British accent! 🙂

  27. Candice said

    Hello! I found your site through Cindy @ “get along home”, and as I’ve been working through your posts, I’ve arrived on this one and thought I’d shout out that you have a new reader :).
    I have been enjoying your stories, and sharing a few with my husband as we can relate to a few. We have three littles, four and under, so it’s a mess of laundry, dishes and packing as we’ve relocated 4 times since our oldest was one. Fun, wonderful times, going where God leads.
    Anyways, all to say, “Hi, from Manitoba, Canada”!

    • oliveplants said

      Totally love that you commented. Also love that you live in Manitoba bec it just seems like a neat place. Canada just seems like a classy place with no Super Wal-Marts or people who go to the mall in their jammies. If I’m mistaken, please don’t correct me. I like the illusion I’ve created. Thanks for reading! Also? When I was in your season, I was tired and discouraged quite often. I had a number of older women around me then who told me to enjoy those years bec they’d be over soon and I’d miss them. I usually snorted and rolled my eyes, but they were right. Life gets harder when you’ve got diapers AND teens, and those days of swinging little people at the playground in the sunshine with a baby on my front and one growing inside……I think back on often, wistfully. Enjoy it! 🙂

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