Almost Spring….I Think

March 25, 2011

Yesterday?  It got up to (GASP!) 40 degrees here!!


I turned off the heat upstairs and opened windows.

It was THAT warm in the house.

When I took the littlest boys outside after Rest Time, we walked down to the cabin where the other kids were and saw why they were all crowded down there, playing.

They were milling around on a 10′ by 6′ patch of grass.

The ONLY patch of grass they have seen since October.


It was like a person who has never been to the beach and someone finally takes them and they don’t know what to do.  They run to the water and put their toes in, then dash back to the sand and make a castle while exclaiming about the noise that the ocean makes.

The little girls were running around in the grass, yelling at me to LOOK AT THE GRASS!! and SEE THE DIRT, MOMMY? and LOOK!!! ROCKS!!!!

But before I went out, I peeked out the master bedroom window, which has huge windows on three sides, and saw 10-Year-Old out there on the driveway.

With jeans and boots and gloves on.

And no shirt.

I guess 40 degrees here, to my kids is equivalent to 80 in Tucson.

You know, I REALLY miss the friends I made in Tucson (and I’ll say again….REALLY!!), but the heat?

Hated it.

Sorry.  We don’t say “hate” here so, before my kids correct me after reading this post, let me rephrase…….

The heat in southern Arizona?

Disliked it in epic proportions.

Totally diggin’ my kids stripping down to play out in 40-degree, Alaskan weather!


6 Responses to “Almost Spring….I Think”

  1. Alisha Sullivan said

    We are moving from AZ to MO so I hope I can appreciate the cold as much as you do! Its certainly going to be a shock for my kids who get cold at 70. lol Yay for grass and dirt though for kids to play in!! I am already promising my daughter dirt she can actually dig in and easily find worms! 🙂 Enjoy your spring thaw!

  2. Connie said

    It has already been close to 90 here in Phoenix. I am already trying to find ways to get up North. Love your blog!

  3. Kathy said

    I share your appreciation for cold weather over hot weather! I told my sign language class that I like winter. The unanimous, incredulous response: ¿¡¿Why?!? (With upsidedown exclamation question marks because it was in Spanish!)

  4. Patti said

    Cheeseburgers and fries! The warmer weather has also thawed your keyboard! So glad you are back, I was at loose ends between your posts.

    In response to an earlier post of where people are who read your blog, I was living in Bosnia until 2006, then England, then moved to Texas in 2009, moved to Wyoming in 2010 and will be moving BACK to Texas by mid 2011. I heard about your blog while in England, and have been almost stalkerish in checking for new posts.

    I try not to comment too much for fear of being that annoying person everyone tries to avoid, but I enjoy each and every entry and have to practice restraint not to tell you so.

  5. riahjoy said

    I was thinking that your children haven’t seen REAL grass in quite a long time (when was that trip back to your Southern homeland???) “Grass” in Tucson is too prickly to romp on and brown most of the time!

    As far as worms and dirt go, we have a worm bin in our back yard where the children can have hundreds of the pets and then we use the vermicast from it to make our dirt more like soil to grow all our veggies and herbs 🙂 I LOVE the long growing season here–we’ve had something to harvest in our garden year round, even tho we had to brush snow off of some of it a couple months ago before bringing it in for salad!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the heat here (could have to do with the relief it gives to my chronic joint pain). Only thing I don’t like about the summers is the freezing A/C in all the stores, church, etc!

    We miss you Allison, but are glad you’re where you belong 🙂

  6. riahjoy said

    Guess I was logged in as Moriah…she misses you all too 🙂 Just wanted to be clear the last post was written by Kim, your Tucson Twin! (which you called me after finding we had so much in common except for that thermostat thing)

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