March 27, 2011

The kids were pretty raucous last night, big kids tackling the little kids and carrying them into the laundry room in a hog-tied kind of way, little kids screaming and running through the house, and everyone being extremely loud and chaotic and annoyingly energetic and did I say loud?

So it was just like any OTHER night, basically.

When I asked Oldest Boy what they were playing, he got a huge grin on his face and said “Torture!”

And I kinda froze.  And was speechless.  Which was weird for me.

Then I kinda sputtered….”T-t-torture?” in a horrified, after-all-the-character-training-I’ve-done-my-kids-are-going-to-be-serial-killers kind of way.

And then 14-Year-Old said, “Yeah, 12-Year-Old captures the little kids and then he wrestles them into the laundry room and we torture them.”

I finally managed to speak, so I said, “And this is something that you feel is a POSITIVE thing to play?”

And he replied…..”Mom!  TICKLE TORTURE!”

So everything was right with the world again.

And I stopped making Prison-Care-Package lists in my head.


3 Responses to “Torture”

  1. Ali Ann said

    Thank goodness it was only tickle torture 😀

    I hope you all are having a wonderful March, I miss you all very much!

    Tell Oldest Girl I said hi, and that I miss her A LOT!!!

    Hugs from Texas,

  2. Susanna said

    Dear Mrs. Heykoop,
    I really like to read your blog and I don’t mind if your a “Bloging loser”. Imiss you Lots!-Susanna Ormand

  3. Betty said

    I’m actually responding to your plea for responses 🙂
    I graduated from Montreat, class of 96 (only Betty if G remembers me – the purple car girl), and heard about your blog from the alumni newsletter and have been looking you up regularly since then. Wow, you’ve gone on a blitz this month! Just so you know, your humor and writing style really tickle me. I swear you write how I think….I know…scary. Anyhow, I do get regular out loud laughs when I read your stuff so thanks for that and keep it up!

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