Oh. Brother.

April 4, 2011

We have two dogs here at our place.

Because….you know…..we need more mouths to feed.

But they earn their keep by keeping bears away with their dog-smell and general guard-dog awesome-ness.

Well, really only one of them would be considered a guard dog and even THAT’S questionable.

The other dog we have is just as precious as she can be, but pretty much useless except as a companion and mentor to our other dog…..the guard one.

He’s a little ping-y, as Yummy Man would say.  One of those excited types whose idea of the greatest moment in the history of all dogkind is the moment when the kids come outside each day.

It’s just pitiful, really.

Okay, so a few months ago, one night when it was all dark and spooky out, Guard Dog started barking frantically.  Like, burglar- or bear- frantic.  So I sat real still in the living room and listened, hoping to hear some sort of bear whimpering and pleading and I-promise-I’ll-never-come-back-if-you-just-stop-that-really-annoying-barking.

And I heard this really faint sound way off in the distance, it seemed to me.  It was kinda like a foghorn-type of sound.

And I just KNEW it was a bull moose.

I told everyone that I had heard a bull moose out in the woods, berating my dog for making  such a racket or pleading for its life or something.

And then I heard it another night and told everyone that we really must have a lot of moose lurking around out there in our woods and MAN I’m cool for being able to hear bull moose out there when no one ELSE has heard it.

When my mom came to visit, I recounted to her the stories of me hearing the moose and what exactly it sounded like and how Guard Dog had just been going crazy over it and maybe NOW I’m a real Alaskan!!!

Last week, when I was up getting Yummy Man ready for work……wait.  That sounds like I get him dressed and feed him his breakfast and tie his shoes, doesn’t it?  Okay….last week, when I was getting stuff ready for Yummy Man to go to work, (that’s better) I opened the door for him to go outside to his truck, carrying trash and things, and Companion Dog was right outside the door, laying on her mat, sleeping.

She’s hard-of-hearing so when I opened the door, she didn’t hear me.

But I heard HER.

Funnily enough, she was making the same exact sound that the moose had made out in the woods.

And it took me a minute to put two and two together.

The moose I heard?

Companion Dog.


I’m such a dork.


4 Responses to “Oh. Brother.”

  1. Mindy said

    Thanks for the laugh!!! 🙂

  2. Alisha Sullivan said


  3. Heather G said

    Oh thank you for the laugh…love it.

  4. Mother said

    …”getting Yummy Man ready for work” ….. HAHAHAHA, oh my stars! I could just ‘see’ you getting him up and ready for work. I always knew he was a big baby! 🙂 Just Kidding, Yummy Man.

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