Cool Arrangement

April 20, 2011

So Yummy Man and I have an  arrangement going on.

Here’s the deal……

I get up in the night whenever any of the children need me. If someone is throwing up, I get up and clean up and direct them to the appropriate throwing-up venue and sit with them while they lie, moaning on the fluffy bath mat that I inevitably lay down for them so they can be comfy.  Then I go and change their sheets and put down a huge, thick, Eddie Bauer beach towel so that next time they throw up in their bed, all I have to do is strip that towel off.  (By the way, all of this vomit-knowledge and experience has been acquired over years and years of child-vomiting.)

Whenever a small child wants Mommy to hold him for 2 minutes, I get up and almost-trip, running down the stairs so they will be comforted and happy and go back to sleep with a smile.

When there is sickness in the house, I’m the one who gets up to check if it’s time for another dose of Tylenol.  I get up to put Vicks on small feet to stop the coughing or suck the tiny one’s nostrils so that she can breathe.  

I am the one who gets out of bed to refill the humidifier and the water cups, nurse the baby and put her back to sleep, and generally make sure the house doesn’t fall apart in the middle of the night.

I do all of this because I love my family and I love my job and I love that Yummy Man goes to work every day so that we can have the life we have.

I do all of this willingly and almost-cheerfully whenever I am needed.

In return, after I have spent time out of bed, walking up and down the stairs, in and out of various bedrooms, I come back to bed and Yummy Man holds up HIS  end of the bargain.

He lets me warm my ice-cold feet on his legs. I put them behind his knees and he willingly bends his legs so that they warm the tops AND bottoms of my frigid feet. 

Yes he does. 

And I find this arrangement extraordinarily amenable. 

By the way, I’m not too hard to please.     


2 Responses to “Cool Arrangement”

  1. Alisha Sullivan said

    that is the sweetest thing ever! My husband freaks out when I try to warm mine on his legs! Though I can’t hardly blame him..Being woken from a dead sleep to having ice cube toes on you doesn’t appeal to me at all! lol Though he does let me if he is awake and my feet get so cold you can feel the cold radiating out from my socks! 🙂

  2. Mindy said

    Love this! 🙂
    And I’m with you on the towel-covering-the-bed thing.

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