Thought-provoking. Weird!

May 7, 2011

My Official Mother’s Day Post is below this one so be sure and scroll down to read it.

But before you do, here are two tidbits for you…….

When I had finished writing the Mother’s Day post, Yummy Man said…..

“Well, THAT was a somber post.  Not filled with the usual funniness and wit.”

Like he was disappointed in me that the post wasn’t my usual one about baby-vomit or crayon marks on the wall.

So I told him that at least once a year, I try to put something meaningful and noble and thought-provoking on my blog so that y’all don’t just think I’m some dumb mom who can’t quite figure out the birth control thing and also can’t count because…..ten?  Really?  

I figure that there are so many other moms out there writing way better stuff than I do here….women who are so much wiser and more spiritually with-it and I can’t compete with that and I don’t WANT to because what they are doing is fantastic and so very useful and I read a few of them that really dig deep and speak to my heart.  

But I also figure that I’ve got something that those women don’t……..about 6 more kids AND an extreme lack of dignity that allows me to write embarrassing and trivial stuff about me and my family. 

I’m thinking there’s a market out there for this stuff and I’ve got the corner on it. You know, for those 5 people who want it.


Moving on.

The other thing I wanted to tell you was this………

Do your kids get in these phases where they will watch one video over and over and over and never seem to tire of it?

Two words.

Liberty’s Kids.

All of my kids, pretty much, LOVE these videos and while some aspects kinda bug me about this series, I also know how much history they are learning and in a way that I wish I had learned!!!

Even my little ones enjoy it.  I thought it was just the animation and fun colors and British accents that kinda drew them to the show, but I think I was wrong.  

I now believe that they are actually getting something from watching Liberty’s Kids!

This afternoon, Oldest Daughter pointed out my 3- and 4-year old boys, running laps from the living room, into the laundry room, into the playroom and back again, chanting this…..

“The Regulars are coming!  The Regulars are coming!”

MAN, this is when I love that we homeschool! 


One Response to “Thought-provoking. Weird!”

  1. Mother said

    The “Regulars” are coming????? And you say this home-schooling stuff is a Good thing????? Let me think about that. 🙂

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