May 9, 2011

Not sure whether to post this on my running blog or here, but I’m thinking that here, more people will see it.

Because my running blog gets less traffic than a road completely obliterated by some horrible natural disaster that was never even really a road because nobody lives on it and there is nothing on it whatsoever to make anyone want to go down it EVER.

Basically?  I don’t think anyone reads it.  At all.  It’s like a secret blog that only I know about, and write in invisible ink that only I can read.

I had a very nice Mother’s Day, by the way.

Except for the fact that Yummy Man made certain that almost every one of my children gave me serious amounts of candy for gifts.

Just for some perspective……..

Usually, it takes me 9 months to put on the 40 pounds I ALWAYS gain while pregnant.  Then, it takes me 9 months to get that weight off and there always seems to be 10 extra pounds that hangs around even after those 9 months because……um…..not sure why.  Maybe that extra weight likes the kettle chips I keep as my one special treat.  

‘Cause, you know, cellulite has preferences like that.

Since I began running again back in January…..3 weeks after the birth of my tenth baby and, incidentally, the cutest baby born in 2010…….I have lost all but 2 pounds of the pregnancy weight.

In a little over four months.

I still want to lose another 10 to 15 more but I see that as NOT happening any time soon.

Because of the Mother’s Day Candy Debacle.

And here is my thinking on anything bad but yummy that ever makes it into my house……

If I eat it all really really fast, then it will be that much sooner that I can get the weight back off.

I do realize that this thinking is a little skewed.  I should eat small, socially-acceptable amounts, spread out over the next few weeks, right?  Or I should share it with my children, husband, and the entire shop of grown men that my husband is in charge of, right?  

But I don’t get stash like this normally.

I usually drink 2 soft drinks a week and look forward to them all week long.

I allow myself a glass of apple juice after every run.

I try not to eat nasty stuff so that my running won’t be in vain and so that Yummy Man won’t be repulsed by my kettle-chip-thighs. 

But the candy!

What to do with it!

I will eat some and share the rest and add another 15 minutes a night onto my running time.

Because the horking-it-down-really-fast plan doesn’t really work.

It just makes me grumpy and irritated and unpleasant to be around.

Also?  The powerful sugar waterfall that is my breastmilk during that time is very. very. bad.  It makes Newest Baby not sleep for, like 4 days.

So basically it boils down to this…..Do I want to eat candy, or do I want sleep?

Um…..I’m gonna go with sleep.

I’ll eat myself into a candy-induced coma after all the kids are out of the house.


5 Responses to “Candy”

  1. Mother said

    Send the candy to YOUR MOTHER!!!!! 🙂 Just kidding. I need it like I need a hole in the head!

  2. Trina said

    Lol, I don’t like that problem, too much candy! 🙂

    Isn’t it interesting how much easier we can resist temptation in the area of eating when we know what the exact consequences will be for our baby (and therefore us)? Sleep on!

  3. Mindy said

    I read your running blog!!! 🙂

  4. Amy Moller said

    Shucks, I always just eat all the goodies up so they don’t tempt me anymore!

  5. abi w. said

    Lol! I hear ya, sister! I’ve been working at getting my baby weight off since Joanna was born. Keep up the good work!!! 😉 Motherhood just boils down to L.O.T.S. of selflessness!

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