Mother’s Day Again

May 11, 2011

Yesterday, I wrote that most of my children got me candy for Mother’s Day.

Also a few small candles which rank right up there with wind chimes in Items That I Love and Try To Fill My Life With.

The thoughts and the saved-up dollar bills spent for me was precious and humbling. I don’t deserve to be loved by my children, but I seem to be, and I’m grateful.

I have figured out over the years that one of the legacies that we will leave for generations to come is one of laughter.

Yummy Man and I both come from families that laughed.  His dad was a big jokester.  When his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, one of his older brothers asked her which one the cancer was in and then lamented….”Bummer!  That was my favorite one!”

There are a million stories like this one.

My granny was one of the funniest people I’ve known and my dad is the goofiest person I’ve ever met.

Not that you’d know it when he is sitting on the Pastor Search Committee or the board of Very Important Business Men in the city in which he lives, but he’s pretty much a total dork.

Ask his grandchildren.

So we laugh a lot here.

12-Year-Old has the wit and dorkiness combined to make him an all-around funny kid.

Just recently, he started drawing people in cartoon form.

It’s amazing what spiritual lessons one can learn from seeing oneself cartoon-ized. 

I need to smile more.

And get thicker hair.

On Mother’s Day, as part of what I do with my older children, which is kid them whenever the opportunity arrives, I went down the list of what child had given me what in terms of Special Day gifts.

12-Year-Old hadn’t coughed up a thing.

Right before Lights Out Time, however, he came downstairs and presented me with a cartoon drawing of our entire family.

This was my gift for Mother’s Day.

I loved it.

If Yummy Man hadn’t been sitting right there, I might’ve cried.

For some reason, God has blessed this kid with the ability to draw.  No idea where this came from although we’ve considered a brother-in-law and non-blood-relation aunt.

Family joke.

This child marches to the beat of his own drummer and I love that about him.  

Yummy Man says it’s because I was on some pretty serious medication when I was pregnant with him.  I just think it is because we have unique genetics and he got some of the best parts of both of us.

His only flaw is that he likes Star Wars and Legos a little bit too much. Like, in a weird way that may be creepy if he’s still like this when he’s 32.



2 Responses to “Mother’s Day Again”

  1. abi w. said

    I agree!!! Laughter is crucial! Thanks for the reminder!!! 😉

  2. Trinka Jeffery said

    I know you don’t post pictures of your kids … but it would sure be great to see a scan of that drawing!!! 🙂

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