This Morning

May 20, 2011

A conversation between 9-Year-Old and me……

9-Year-Old:  “Mommy?  How would you rather die……being eaten by a grizzly bear or being shot in the head?”

Me:  “Um.  Shot in the head.  It would be quick, and being eaten by a grizzly bear wouldn’t be quick.”

9-Year-Old:  “Okay.  How about this one……being eaten by a grizzly bear or dying a slow and painful death?”

(By the way, we don’t watch violent movies in our house AT ALL!  The only violence that is ever experienced in our house is when a kid falls off the swingset or slips in the bathtub and has to get stitches in his chin.)

Me:  “Well, I’m thinking being eaten by a grizzly bear would definitely be a slow and painful death so I’m not sure those are good choices.”

(See how I’m reasoning with her there?  Yeah.  I’m a good mother like that.)

9-Year-Old:  “Okay, well then.  How about being eaten by a grizzly bear and dying slowly where you can’t breath and your heart is…like…”

Me:  “Okay, I’m ending this conversation now.  Wow.  This is really not something that I think has any worth or merit, ‘kay? “

And then I might’ve told her to go play with her Polly Pockets and try to think happy, pleasant, little-girl thoughts.

That don’t involve grizzly bears and slow deaths and gunshot wounds to the head.

I mean, I’m all for helping kids explore answers to their questions and expounding on their interests, but YIKES!

Or is that just me? 



2 Responses to “This Morning”

  1. Aunt Duane said

    I don’t think there is anything to add to the appropriate lesson.

  2. abi w. said

    Lol! Way to go there, mom!

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