June 8, 2011

So last night, Yummy Man, who wasn’t so yummy when he said it, reminded me that it’s been a LONG time since I last posted.

Like dinosaurs were still roaming the earth way. back. then.

Oh brother.

Turns out that Alaska in the summer is WAY busier than in the winter!

Not that that’s a valid excuse if you’re one of my readers who has been missing posts on this blog.

So anyway.

Our utility company has this photo contest every year that 12-Year-Old has been interested in.  They pick several winners and pay each winner $100 for each photo they pick.  12-Year-Old is artistically-talented and I’m not just saying that because I’m his mother.

He really IS.


So he was talking about winning some prize money when he enters and what he would do with the money.

Aside….this is the child who eats, sleeps, and thinks two things only.

Star Wars and Legos.

He said that if 4 of his pictures were picked, making him the owner of $400 (gasp!), that he would NOT waste his money on the Lego Star Wars Sail Barge.

That THAT would TOTALLY be a complete waste of money.

So Yummy Man started complimenting him on finally seeing that maybe Legos aren’t the best way to spend his money and he should start thinking about more mature things to spend his money on, especially $400!

And then 12-Year-Old said,

“Yeah.  I would NOT waste that on the Lego Star Wars Sail Barge.  I would TOTALLY get the Death Star.”


(Oh, if you’re tired of checking this site and not seeing a new post, or if you’re tired of staying awake at night, wishing that you knew when a new post was up, here’s the answer.  Scroll to the bottom of this page and put your email address into the subscription bar and you will get an email every time I write a new post.  Pretty nifty, eh?)


4 Responses to “Money”

  1. Mother said

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! LOLLOLOLOLOLOL!! Oh my stars! (Gasp) Allison, this is tooo funny! Surely am glad that boy has his head on straight. Ahem. 🙂

  2. Every boy dreams of owning the Death Star. I’ve got 3 in my house.

  3. Dana said

    If there is only one thing that I am an expert in after 14 years of parenting, it is this: I can step on a lego at dark o’thirty and completely muffle the scream. I have been perfecting this ever since the Duplo days.

  4. Patti said

    First, a big shout-out to your husband for saying what everyone else was thinking…I was going into withdrawals waiting for a new post.

    Second, good luck to 12 year-old on his photographs.

    Third, Death Star is better than what OTHER 12 y.o.s are into.

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