I Told You So, Heather

June 28, 2011

When we first pulled into this part of Alaska, back in September of last year, we didn’t know a soul.

We spent a few weeks in TLF which is temporary lodging on a military base for people who are moving into or out-of the area and need to either find housing or sell housing before they can leave.

As an aside, because of the unusual lifestyle that we lead, we are always on the lookout for other families like ours.  It’s like a Large, Homeschooling, Modest-Dressing, Otherwise-Circus-Freaks Family Radar.

I think you can get them at Sharper Image if you’re in the market for one.

Anyway, a few days after we had moved into TLF, the radar went off on the playground.

There they were.  A family who seemed to have 5 children, the girls in dresses, and on the playground during school hours.

Possible score! 

We got to talking to them and, sure enough, they immediately became friends because that’s the rule with these kinds of things.

That and birth control is Satanic.



One morning at breakfast, we were sitting around talking with this lovely family and the wife mentioned that she had put my name into Google the night before and, lo and behold, had stumbled onto my blog.

(Glad she didn’t scroll down any further because that felony rap sheet of mine could’ve deterred her from any further contact with me!)

So she began reading and……poor thing……kept ON reading even after we’d left TLF and moved into our house.

That probably would’ve been a good time for her to cease and desist the reading of this blog.

Today, they came over to our house for the first time and we all had a lovely, if extremely loud day.  The plan was for the kids to be able to play outside and run around to their hearts’ content and breath the fresh, Alaska-country air, and go home exhausted and ready to fall asleep.

But it rained.


So it was loud inside the house.

And sometimes it got smelly.

I made my Chicken and Noodle Soup that everyone seems to love except 7-Year-Old who has a strange aversion to cooked onions.

Because RAW onions are so delicious!

Soon various children began asking for more except for one of this lady’s small, maybe 6-years-oldish girls, who quietly got up from the table and walked in to where we were sitting.

Her mom, Heather, asked if she’d like more and this child said…..(and none too quietly, I might add)….”NO, MOMMY!  That stuff was DISGUSTING!!!!”

And Heather was slightly embarrassed by the social gaffe.

But I laughed and told her that this child was certainly young enough to get away with something like that and I wasn’t offended.  Now, if she’d been 18, wearing Daisy Dukes, a nose ring, and an “I Love Bubba” tattoo on her neck, I might’ve thought differently.

So she laughed in a relieved kind of way until I said this next thing……

“It’s really okay.  It’ll make for some good blog fodder.  Because if you’re going to be my friend, you have to know that someday you will probably end up on my blog.  And it probably won’t be flattering.”

And she considered that for a minute and then said…..”Well, I guess that’s okay because it’s not like anyone is going to know who I am anyway.”

She kinda had me there.

So this post wasn’t quite as fun to write as I’d thought it would be. 


5 Responses to “I Told You So, Heather”

  1. Mother said

    So her name’s Heather, huh? (She surely has a truthful daughter. :-)) Well, I guess if You like her then she must be ok.
    🙂 Just kiddin’. Welcome to the ‘fam’, Heather; good to ‘meet’ you.

  2. Heather said

    I am laughing hysterically:)

  3. Alisha Sullivan said

    lol…Love it when little kids say stuff like that! So embarrassing as a parent though! My just turned 5 yr old has a bad habit of letting me know when someone is wearing something inappropriate in a very loud voice while pointing out the poor girl who usually ends up blushing with shame
    or looking confused as to why someone would think such a thing! lol

  4. abi w. said

    Lol! I miss you, Allison!!

  5. Heather said

    Good to meet you as well, “Mother” 🙂

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