August 30, 2011

Not even gonna apologize for my abhorrent lack of posting these last few weeks.

I WILL say that when this summer is over and there is snow on the ground for 8 months straight and it’s………- 86 outside, I’ll probably be posting much more often and then you’ll leave me comments that say things like…..”Get a life, won’t ya?” and “Bored much?”  So just wait for that time when you feel like berating me for not posting lately.


Our 5-year-old is an unusual kid and not unusual like weird-skull-nodule-unusual or freaky-wandering-eye-unusual.


See, every day after I hang clothes outside….and don’t get me started on how much THAT fulfills every. female. weirdness. inside. of. me…….the little boys know that I am going to swing them for a few minutes.

During this daily swinging time (DST), 5-Year-Old always has the same conversation with me. 

This is how it goes……

5-Year-Old:  “Mommy?  When I’m a guy (he means man), I’m going to buy a car.”

Me:  “That’s a good thing.  You will need one so that you can go to work and support your family.”

5-Year-Old:  “I’m going to start saving my money now.”

Seriously.  He’s serious.  COULD HE BE ANY CUTER?

Me:  “I think that’s a FANTASTIC idea and VERY smart and mature of you to even think that way at your age.”

5-Year-Old:  “And when I’m a man, I’ll get a wife and babies.  And you can come visit me and I’ll show you my babies.”

Me:  “I’d LOVE to do that!  Mommy and Daddy will come visit you whenever we can!”

5-Year-Old:  “And I’ll have a car and a house.  Mommy?  Where can I get a car when I’m a guy?”

Me:  “Well, it’s kinda a car store.  You go to it and there are all kinds of cars sitting out in the parking lot and you can pick which one you like and can afford.”

5-Year-Old:  “How will I get there, Mommy?”

Me:  “Well, we can take you.”

5-Year-Old:  “Okay.”

Then he swang a little more, thinking, I’m sure about his future life as a guy.

And then he said, “Also, I’ll need bigger shoes.”




9 Responses to “So.”

  1. Grandma said

    5 year old sounds adorable!
    I also love to hang my clothes outside………..and here in Oklahoma they are dry in about 10 seconds! (Our summer has been extremely hot and dry).
    Your blog is a joy to read and I enjoy all your posts!

  2. Zum said

    Bigger shoes…too funny! I’d like to see that fellow when he grows up.

    We’ve Missed your posts! Don’t leave us again!

  3. Mother said

    Hoorah! You’re BACK!!!!!!!!!!! We’ve missed your posts…..keep ’em coming! … I’m anxious to see what kind of car he chooses. 🙂

  4. Alisha Sullivan said

    so glad you had a moment to post! I look constantly! lol…Enjoy the outdoors while you can I know I would! I’ll try not to wish colder weather on you! 🙂
    What an adorable boy you have! Love that he realized he would also need bigger shoes! lol

  5. Heather said

    Too stinkin cute. He is such a sweetie pie kid. Enjoyed the fellowship with you all today!

  6. Trina said

    LOL Oh my Oh my!! That was soooooo so so so so CUTE!

    And just fyi, if you send out pictures for Christmas, I want one! I want to see what everyone looks like, I haven’t ever even SEEN some of those little ones.


  7. Stacey said

    Now that is just too cute!

  8. Tina said

    He sounds adorable. Thanks for the smile today :-0

  9. Mindy said

    LOVE this! How adorable!

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