October 19, 2011

So I’m going to try writing about my running here.


Because I think only 4 people read my running blog and they basically have to because two of them gave me life, one of them has put up with me for 22 years and 13 pregnancies, and the other one just really likes me for some reason.  Still mulling that one over.  (Hello, OK buddy!)

I’m back up to 2 miles.

And not just “back up to” but am running it the easiest I’ve ever experienced.

That’s a milestone, I think.

And if you happen to be reading, Uncle Who Has the Daughter Who Qualified for Boston on Her First Marathon EVER, just remember the whole long-fiber/short-fiber thing.

See, my dad and uncle are basically Sports Physiology Geniuses.  They know everything there is to know about the muscles and fibers and tendons in the human body and how they all work together .  And my dad has told me that everyone is made with a certain type of fiber that determines if they will be sprinters or distance runners.

I’ve got the kind that sprinters have.

I know this because when I was growing up, every Thursday night in the summertime, my parents would take me and my brother and sister to An Important College in my hometown where they held track meets for kids.

I pretty much blew away every other little white girl that dared to show up.

And just when it started to get boring, hauling home all those pretty first-place ribbons, suddenly black girls started showing up for the races and basically ended up stomping all up and down my bony white butt (or bottom, if you’re my mom), (and denominator if you are my kids or know the reference from Life of Fred math books, and if you DON’T, you totally SHOULD).

It wasn’t pretty to watch, I’m sure.

So I know that my fibers are sprinting fibers. And I’m just so certain that this is the official term.  See how well I listened growing up, Dad?

Anyway, all this talk is to say that 2 miles for a sprinter who has had 10 babies and is 42 years old is pretty decent.

Even though I don’t know any OTHER runner-moms who’ve had 10 babies and are 42 years old to compare with, so I’m not really sure.  It’s possible it’s really not that great of a feat and that I stink at running.


Before I had the miscarriage, I was close to running 3 miles at a time, but it hurt.

Well, not really HURT, but it was kinda torturous.  (Can you use “kinda” right before “torturous” or is that like being a little pregnant?)

And this time around, although I had to start over somewhat, I am letting myself get back up to mileage slowly and I’m totally rockin’ it!

It’s more about the boredom of the treadmill and how, with each step I run on that thing that is in my laundry room,  I am reminded to do (step) the (step) laundry, rather than think about how each step REALLY IS going to be the last step before I collapse right here and wake up in heaven.

I know that sounds dramatic BUT IT’S TOTALLY NOT!  (See, if I tell you first that it’s not dramatic, then that cancels out the actual drama of the words in all-caps.  Pretty nifty, huh?)

So there you have it.

A slightly braggy post about my running.

I’m fairly certain that my kids will tell me tomorrow that I tell THEM not to brag and look here what I just did.

But I’ll just play my I’m the Mom and You’re the Kid, Plus It’s My Blog and You Can’t Boss ME card.

That’ll make it all better.


3 Responses to “Switcharound”

  1. Mindy said

    Way to go!!! So glad it’s better for you this time around!
    I did 2 miles this morning, too–but aerobic power walking, not running. 🙂 Can’t do high-impact. 🙂

    Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Trina said

    Blessings to you, my running friend! Keep up the good work, I know you can get back up to 3 non-torturous miles and beyond b/c you are AWESOME!

  3. Aunt Duane said

    I evidently don’t have fiber cause sprinter nor runner was ever in legs, just skinny ankles. So glad you able to perform something healthy and really like.

    3 hand squeezes

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