December 1, 2011

To understand this post, you must understand something about Yummy Man.

He doesn’t show emotions.

For most of his childhood…..all the way until he was in the later high school years…..his family consisted of his mom, his dad, and 3 brothers, all of whom made him their official punching bag in more ways than just physical.

His brothers, that is.

His mom shopped and went to her boys’ ball games, and his dad just sat around being awesome, pretty much.

When he was little, and even later when he was NOT so little, if he cried over anything, he got beat up in one way or the other.

So crying for him is NOT an option, even at his age of 44.

He just doesn’t do it.

And he generally thinks that men who DO are a little questionable.

This has been a point of contention our entire marriage, but I have come to just roll with it.  It’s how he is.  It’s WHO he is and I just have become accustomed to the fact that I will ALWAYS be the emotional one.

And he will be the one who laughs at me when I cry at Facing the Giants for the millionth time, and get teary-eyed at our kids’ baptisms WHICH IS TOTALLY JUSTIFIABLE, I MIGHT ADD!

We have had various conversations about how I don’t want his lack of emotion to cloud our boys’ views of crying and feeling and blah, blah, blah and he has assured me that it’s not something that he’s going to construct a curriculum for and teach them that.

But I think it’s genetic.  And here’s what gave me the hint……..

This morning, 3-Year-Old ran into us from the playroom, crying.  We asked him what had happened and here’s what he said…..

3-Year-Old:  “5-Year-Old yelled at me!!!!!!!”  (sobbing continues)

Yummy Man:  (sarcastically but in a nice, loving father way while also being amused at his wittiness) “Oh, and did that hurt your feelings?”  

3-Year-Old: “No!  It hurt my EARS!”

So there you go. 

There’s no hope left for HIM, but there ARE four other boys in our home.

Please, Lord!


 In Thanksgiving news……

5-Year-Old spent the entire morning of Thanksgiving cleaning up the playroom.

In areas that he is NOT responsible for.

For fun.

LOVE that kid!


And in technology ROCKS news……

I am sitting here blogging on the bathroom floor while keeping an eye on 3-Year-Old and 5-Year-Old who are taking a bath.

Downstairs, there is a LOT of noise happening from the other 8 children who live in our house.

Basically, it sounds like a tribe of Pawnee Indians have burst into our living room and are currently scalping them all.  (I know, historically, that the Pawnee were scalping Indians because I own Dances With Wolves so that makes me an expert.  See how smart I am?)

So I just picked up my cell phone (here in the bathroom with me), called the HOUSE phone and, when 14-Year-Old answered, told them to cease and desist with all the Indian noises.

Like I said, technology ROCKS!!! 


One more thing……

Yummy Man DID cry slightly at each of our children’s births so I DO have to give him credit for that, although I’m not sure if it was about the miracle of birth or just relieved that all the pregnancy whining was finally over. 



And that’s all I have for today.  I’ll try to blog earlier than January for the three of my readers who are still around.  =)   





9 Responses to “”

  1. Trina said

    All I have to say is, You are Awesome and I’m Glad You are My Friend!

  2. Mindy said

    Love it all! :o)
    Can 5-year-old come to our house???

  3. Mother said

    Oh, Allison … it was WORTH THE WAIT! Thanks for all the news on the little ones … AND the big one. 🙂 Crying at a birth?!?!!! YUMMY MAN!!???? He DEFINITELY must have had something stuck in his EYE!!!

  4. Start praying for your yummy man to have compassion in his heart. I did that for Joe and now he cries at all the chick flicks I make him watch. lol

    blessings to you, Kate

    p.s. I think technology rocks also….

  5. Just yesterday I said to myself, “where is olivepants?” Glad to see all is well with your clan in the frozen north.

  6. trinka said

    I don’t have any children at ALL, so it seems reasonable that you should, out of Christian charity, loan me the 5 year old for a week or two. My refrigerator hasn’t been cleaned since Bush was in office (and I’m not saying which one).

  7. Amy Moller said

    with the comments you already have…you have at least 7 readers, counting me!
    Aren’t we wondering what we did when we actually had to go to the children and tell them things instead of calling or texting them from the next room?
    Amy in MN

  8. Tonya said

    Loved the post. I have one of those non-emotional ones also, I know exactly what you mean.

  9. Susan said

    Thought you might want to know that you have a reader here in Matthews, NC (outside of Charlotte). I graduated from Montreat in 1980 and found out about your blog through the school a couple of years ago! I enjoy hearing about your adventures – just wish you blogged more frequently!!

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