January 15, 2012

The other day, I was helping 7-Year-Old with her schoolwork.  She was sitting beside me on the couch and we were both huddled over her workbook.

Suddenly, she said,

“What is that smell, Mommy?”

And I said, “It’s probably me…..I ALWAYS smell good!  You can just know from here on out that if you ever smell something that smells delicious, that it’s automatically me, okay?”

And then I turned to see if she was laughing too.

But, instead, she had a mixture on her face of concern and absolute revulsion.

And she said, “No, Mommy.  It does NOT smell good.  It smells really, REALLY horrible.”

And she kinda looked at me worriedly, like one part of her was scared she was hurting my feelings but the other part of her didn’t care because she was afraid that maybe I had eaten a rotting corpse and she was thinking that may not be good.

So I told her that maybe it was my breath because I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet because you can’t have toothpaste flavoring in your mouth and then go eat eggs.

(Well, maybe YOU can, but I can’t!) 

And then she said, “Yeah, that’s it, Mommy.  It’s your breath.  It DOES stink.”

It’s amazing how a 7-year-old’s assessment of your breath can kinda deflate your self-esteem for a few hours.

And kinda sad too. 




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