January 25, 2012

Our littler-type children always have this massive countdown to their birthdays.

I get to hear about it every morning as I’m making pancakes and I really do TRY to sound interested and excited but what I’m REALLY doing is figuring out in my head how many days I have until it’ll be too late to order  birthday presents from Amazon.

Nice, I know.

This morning, Almost-8-Year-Old ran to tell me breathlessly how many days until Almost-10-Year-Old’s birthday and then how many days until HER birthday.  (They are only 3 weeks apart….in different years, of course.  I’m not THAT fertile.)

Then she ran away back to the playroom but was back in 2 minutes, even MORE breathless.

This is what she told me……

“MOMMY!  Almost-10-Year-Old’s birthday is the day before Washington’s birthday!  She is SO. LUCKY!!!”  And she stood there with her mouth open wide in a huge smile and her eyes bright!

And I said, “Really?  She’s lucky?  Why is that?”


And then she snorted and trotted off to start her chores.

Wow.  Doesn’t take much to excite HER!

Figuring out what to get her for her birthday should be EASY! 


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