Last Night

March 7, 2012

(An aside….It has snowed almost continuously for the last 3 days and nights.  Another aside…..Yummy Man is a weather forecaster in the Air Force.  Okay.  You may now carry on.)

A conversation Yummy Man and I had last night……

Me:  “So how was your day?”

YM:  “Very annoying.”  

Me:  “Really?  Why is that?”

YM:  “The pilots were calling all day long, asking when they could fly.  It would pour snow and I would tell them that the ceilings weren’t high enough and then it would let up a little 15 minutes later and they’d call again to ask if they could fly NOW.  That was annoying!  I couldn’t get anything done!”

Me:  “Yeah.  I totally get you.  It’s like when I’m in the bathroom, trying to have some privacy and there are 3 kids outside the door asking if they can go outside and how do you spell “often” and 3-Year-Old stinks.”

YM:  “Yeah, but at least you can tell them to go away!  Can’t really do that with helicopter pilots.”

And I couldn’t really argue with THAT.

But at least he doesn’t have to change their diapers, right?

Totally got him on that one.  SCORE!   


3 Responses to “Last Night”

  1. Patti said

    OK. Maybe he CAN’T tell them to go away, but when he’s in the bathroom, no one is pounding on the door asking if they can fly NOW?

    Also, even if you tell your kids to go away, do they ever really? I mean, they just let the next person in queue through to ask THEIR question or make their complaint.

    Ergo, you TOTALLY have the tougher job!

  2. Allison,

    I love you dearly. I am saddened that your church in Alaska is missing out on knowing one of the coolest ladies on earth. To say that this behavior isn’t Christian would be an understatement. I am praying for you. I know that He has a purpose in all of this and even THIS- this yuckiness, this feeling left out is part of his good plan. It isn’t easy and it certainly isn’t fun but you can trust that He knows. He was a man of sorrows after all. I’d give my eye-teeth (don’t even know what those are) to be close by and get to be your friend up close and not from a distance. I love you.

    Your favorite sister-in-law (Trichelle- in case you’d forgotten that I was your favorite!)

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