March 17, 2012

So at lunch today, we were having fun quizzing the kids on famous people in history.

We’re homeschoolers.  We can’t help it.

Here were two questions and answers…….

Yummy Man:  “Who invented the phonograph?”

11-Year-Old:  “DWIGHT L. MOODY!”

Oh my stinkin’ word!

Then Yummy Man was trying to be funny and asked this question….

“What did Abraham Lincoln tell his father after he cut down the cherry tree?”

He thought he was funny with that one, but THIS answer got way more laughs than the original punchline.

15-Year-Old answered…”The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.” 

I don’t think anyone learned much.  It was actually kinda shameful because, after we got some correct answers, then everyone started shouting out things like…….

“Who invented pasteurization?”


You could say that they know a LOT about missionaries and spiritual giants, but may need a little more education about other historical figures.

Actually, they know all the names they do, NOT because I’m a great homeschooling mother who has spent time researching and teaching about these people, but because I’m a great homeschooling mother who buys lots of CDs and DVDs about these people and historical events that they listen to and watch over and over and over.

Story Hour.

Drive-Thru History.

Liberty’s Kids.

Focus on the Family Radio Theatre.

Yep.  I’m good at buying educational stuff online.

And I’m okay with that.  Because it WORKS.

Although you wouldn’t know it by the first part of this post.






5 Responses to “”

  1. I love finding out about resources. Can you tell me more about the Story Hour one. I googled it but so many links came up I wasn’t sure which one to look at.

    • oliveplants said

      I get just about all of my educational CDs and DVDs at an online store… There are many different kinds of Story Hour CDs. There are historical-figures ones and Biblical-story ones and character-training ones. We have some of each and I think my favorite ones are the character ones. All of the stories are very wholesome and old-fashioned but not weirdly so, you know? My kids know about so many historical figures and tell me about them and I say, “HOW do you know about that person? You’re only 5 years old!” And it’s the Story Hour CDs! They are so wonderful that I just buy them a set every few years and let them have at it. I don’t have to check them out first or worry about what they are listening to at all. The Bible ones do add extra-Biblical stuff which could put some people off, but nothing that is offensive, in my opinion. If you have boys, you have GOT to check out the Kingdom series. THESE ARE FANTASTIC!!!!! Like, seriously so. Okay, there you have it….WAY more than you wanted to know, I’m sure. If, however, you have more questions, fire away! Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  2. Sharon said

    I love the Dwight Moody answer! That’s too funny!!!!!

  3. Trina said

    I have boys and I don’t have ANY Story Hour CDs. I think I’d better change that, quick!

    I don’t have any History textbooks for elementary school, but I do have a two-volume set for high school. Before high school, all of our history is learned thru literature. I have several “sets” of books that I use, plus lots of others from various authors about various topics. Since I LOVE to read (still in chronological order, ahem), this method has worked really well for us. But I have never had any Story Hour tapes….how can that be after all these years?

    • oliveplants said

      Story Hours are good, but for the boys, you HAVE to get the Kingdom’s Dawn series!!!! AMAZING!! They are allegories w/ knights and sword fights and chivalry. AND they were written by a former Air Force pilot so that his kids would understand the Bible more. Really fantastic! My boys request more of them at every gift-giving time of the year. So there you go. =)

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