A New Season. And I DON’T Mean Spring Because It’s Still in the Negative Numbers Here AND There is STILL Three Feet of Snow on the Sides of My Driveway.

March 19, 2012

Something happened in the last few months that showed itself last night.

It crept up on me, but in a good way, and now my life is different.

GOOD different.

Here it is…….

15-Year-Old vomited twice last night….. WITHOUT ME HAVING TO CLEAN ANYTHING UP.

If you’re not a mom, you probably won’t get the full force of joyfulness that this event has produced inside of me.

You could probably IMAGINE how awesome it might feel, but you won’t really KNOW.

And if you’re not a mom of many?  Then you’re still not on the same page.

I know how that must hurt so many of you and I apologize for seeming like I am better than you are.

But consider that I am bragging that I know more about vomit and the different and best methods of vomit clean-up than most women in the entire universe.

It’s not a club you want to be in.  Trust me.

Feel better now?

There are times….like on really bad days…..when I count down how many more years I have to homeschool my kids.  Or how much longer I will be buying diapers.

This morning I considered how many more years would pass before ALL of my children possess the incredible and extremely helpful talent of vomiting in toilets.

There IS a caveat in all of this when you consider that all of our children sleep in bunkbeds.  So that kinda throws a wrench into the whole thing when you consider that the kids on the TOPS of the bunks will take longer to become proficient at toilet-vomiting since they will be required to get SAFELY down from said bunk in order to do so.

I realize that there could be vomiting-over-the-side-of-the-bed-and-splattering-on-the-floor-mere-inches-from-a-sibling’s-face incidents.

I understand that and know that that is most likely in my future.

But just to know that a few of my oldest children now possess the ability to vomit in the toilet?

It’s like a new world has opened up before my eyes.


It’s like Disney World without the rides and princesses and stuff!


9 Responses to “A New Season. And I DON’T Mean Spring Because It’s Still in the Negative Numbers Here AND There is STILL Three Feet of Snow on the Sides of My Driveway.”

  1. Becky said

    Very Funny! I feel so special that I can be part of a club! If my kids have the slightest tummy complaint, I make them sleep on the bathroom floor! I have had up to 4 children sleeping on bathroom floors at the same time!

  2. Kristin said

    We’ve dealt with the vomit-over-the-edge-and-splatter thing. NOT nice! Weird thing though… in our house the younger crowd is exponentially more proficient at tossing cookies into a pail/bucket than are the older ones. Not sure what the deal is there, but I’ll take it!

    Congrats on your milestone 😉

    • I can so answer the question about why the littles are better….the bigs think they can avoid puking by just not-wanting-to-puke-not-thinking-about-it-staying-upright-type thing. Just get it over with it and stop moaning!

  3. Tonya said

    Now that’s good reading there.

  4. zum said

    Well … Um … wow! That’s not really something I can understand or identify with; but I’m happy for you.
    (Sounds like you need to get out more!)

  5. Trina said

    Oh Oh Oh!!!!!!! That is SO wonderful! And it gets BETTER! Sometime during the last two years (brain foggy memory so can’t pinpoint dates as often as I used to), I woke up at my regular time in the morning to find out that a small one had thrown up a few times during the night AND HIS OLDER SIBLINGS TOOK CARE OF IT AND DIDN’T WAKE ME UP!!!!!!!!!!! I got the day shift, but cleaning up after sick kids is soooooo much easier on a full night’s sleep!

    Remembering the above incident has made ME joyful, too, you joy-spreader, you! And grateful, very very grateful. *happy sigh*

    • oliveplants said

      You TOTALLY win the Best Character Training By a Mother award for the year! Wow! That’s impressive! I’m secretly jealous….but not in an unChristian-like way. ‘Cause that would be wrong.

      • Trina said

        Well, I believe it has more to do with the workings of God in Oldest’s life than anything I did, but since it happened about two years ago that means Oldest was twenty–TWENTY–when they figured out what a nice way that would be to bless Mom. Your oldest still has a couple years to go before twenty, soooooo…you can’t be jealous…yet….

  6. Welcome to the club! This is one area where I wish I wasn’t so needed!
    Counting the days left of diapers and homeschool I can also relate with. How about CARSEATS?!? (and clean puke out of carseats….whoa, I get the Disney World analogy now!)

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