I Know.

May 4, 2012

It’s been FOREVER since I posted and I feel really bad about it.

Well, maybe not REALLY bad, but bad, nonetheless.  Like, as in I feel the need to apologize to those of you who have stuck with me through the years and put up with my inconsistent blogging and general weirdness.

But my excuse is pretty good.


See, life has been really weird and stressful and in the process of being really, really different.

The whole maybe-we’ll-retire-here-and-have-a-neat-Alaskan-homestead-and-raise-things-and-be-all-independent-and-studly just isn’t going to happen.

God has shown us in various and MOST DEFINITE ways that we are not to stay here forever.

And I’m VERY grateful for that, honestly, because the winters here?

Wow.  I’m not tough enough and I have absolutely no trouble admitting that.

I can birth 11-pound babies on the floor of my living room but I’m just not tough enough to continually withstand 7 months of FEET of snow and ice and REALLY, REALLY stupid temperatures.

And I NEVER use the word “stupid” because it’s a bad example to my children, generally unclassy, and wholly unintelligent.

But the temperatures here are STUPID!

Which brings us to the subject at hand.


Yummy Man is getting deployed in the fall.  And because I don’t relish the idea of being alone (with 10 kids…irony, anyone?) in an Alaskan winter, 45 minutes from the nearest emergency care, and understanding that  I don’t drive well in snow and ice, we decided to go ahead and sell the house.

We had buyers within 3 days of making that decision.

And we didn’t even put it on the market.

See what I meant above about God making things very clear to us?


So we’ve been up to our eyeballs in packing the house and figuring out everything to do with moving to the base.

Also?  Yummy Man is in the most stressful job of his life and we’ve spent the last few weeks dealing with a very bad situation there.

I won’t go into the particulars here, but suffice it to say that if you know us in real life and see Yummy Man someday soon, try not to mention the knife sticking out of his back.  He’s kinda sensitive about it.   

So life is changing and we’re trying to roll with it.

And blogging hasn’t been at the top of my list of Things That HAVE to be Done TODAY!  

Sorry about that.

But hopefully, some of you are still out there in Blog-Readers Land and you’ll understand why I’ve been a Blogging Loser.

The adventure of our lives continues…..just with lots more people around, a MUCH bigger house with MULTIPLE bathrooms (WEEEEE!), and PAVED BIKE PATHS!

I ran on a paved bike path the other night and I might have cried a little, I loved it so much.

But that’s another post.   

Until then, please leave comments.  I NEED comments.  I LOVE comments.

Plus?  I need more friends.  Especially ones that can send their husbands to help us move.




11 Responses to “I Know.”

  1. broland said

    Where you moving to????

  2. Heather said

    You know where to find us when you need help! 🙂

  3. David Vaughn said

    What a life! Thanks for sharing both your joys and your trials. It is a pleasure to be part of your blog fan club!


  4. Sharon said

    I’m so excited for your new adventure!! Tell “yummy man” there is a great base near us and we would love for you all to adventure our way!!! Glad to read your blog! Keep it up!!!

  5. Trina said

    Wow. Change is right! This is not just cliche, but there really is no teacher like experience! Now that you’ve been out in the country in AK long enough to know what it’s REALLY like, you can base future decisions on actual fact–that’s a GOOD thing!

    I’m happy for the pluses of base housing–multiple bathrooms are WONderful! I have a couple of sons and a husband that would LOVE to be there to help you move, but I think by the time they got there you’d be all done.

    We’ll be keeping the not-very-nice-work-situation in our prayers!

  6. Shawnna Gugler said

    So inquiring minds want to know, where are you adventuring to? We would love to have you back in our neck of the woods where you never have to worry about feet of snow. LOL

  7. Praying that your changes will go smoothly and that the situation with the job gets easier to handle. So glad you won’t be staying there forever. Maybe you would come back to Tucson? We surely do miss ya’ll here…..

  8. Oh my GOODNESS I’m so glad you’re leaving the isolation of your Siberian homestead and moving to a more populated area. I hope that alleviates many of your challenges while living in Alaska! Isn’t it wonderful when our Father gives you clear, neon-sign like indicators? It helps take the agony out of decision making (and ALMOST out of packing)!!!

    P.S. I don’t like your new log in. The old one was better

  9. Tonya said

    Wish I could send Tom, or better yet myself. HA, HA. I’ll stick to the prayer part of your situation for the time being.

    • oliveplants said

      Wish you could too! Prayer will work……pray that my older boys’ muscles will hold out and there will only be minimal whining. Wait…scratch that. Pray that there will be NO whining….by ANYONE in the house, including me! =) Moving is probably in my top 10 list of Least Favorite Things I Like to Do. Take care and thanks for reading and commenting!

  10. broland said

    Just to make you feel a tiny bit better… I moved in January from a home we lived in for TWELVE years. Do you have any idea what one can accumulate in twelve years besides nine children? A LOT! My crammed garage contents alone took two 24 foot truck loads!!! I know you have far less to move than THAT!

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