Did I Not Make Myself Clear?

May 5, 2012

Sorry about that.

A few of you have asked where we are moving.  We don’t have orders.  We’re staying in Alaska but we’re moving on base, a mere 5 minutes from Yummy Man’s job AND the commissary so that, come November, I’m MUCH closer to egg nog. 

Yeah, we’ll be turning into city folk for the next couple of years until our time here is done. 

We do that a lot.  Bounce between living like city kids and then we buy a house in the country and do THAT for awhile.

When we retire, I’m certain we’ll end up on the biggest piece of land we can afford, but for now, sometimes living on base works well for us.

Except for the whole living-in-a-fishbowl thing that is kinda annoying.  The rubbernecking at the playground and watching people counting (ALOUD) as we pass by.

It’s always good to have another large family around  to kinda take the heat off of us.  There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

It’s been fun, when we’ve lived on other bases when someone has asked Yummy Man about his kids, and he has told them he has 10 of them, and then their mouths fall open and they kinda sputter in disbelief and then go into the inevitable…..”You know what causes that, right?”  “Are you guys Mormons?”, blah, blah, blah. So then Yummy Man says “Yeah, but do you know the Gradys?  THEY have 11!!” 

Works every time.  

We’re all courageous and noble like that. 




One Response to “Did I Not Make Myself Clear?”

  1. Top Uncle said

    I head about the move and have not talked or asked questions to anyone. Makes me sad to read it. I know how u looked forward to that area. We love the Homer area, but summer would be all for us. Nice to see the question was so quickly answered…..

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