The Last Three Weeks

June 7, 2012

So did I tell y’all that we were moving from the outback-ness of Alaska to the base that Yummy Man works at?

(I know.  The grammar is bad but I’m too tired to fix it.  Just imagine it correctly in your brain and move on.  Come on, you can do it.)

Well, we did.  And we did the move all by ourselves which, in one way, was kinda pathetic because THAT’S how many friends we have here, but in another way showed me how much my kids ROCK!

My three big boys, who are 11, 13, and 15, could basically start their own moving company.  They worked like crazy and didn’t whine about anything other than asking for more Dr. Pepper which they only get on the RAREST of occasions because they have teeth and our dental insurance stinks.

 The little kids were very helpful because they put all the smallish, lightish things in the moving truck AND they played nicely while all the moving was going on.

Oldest daughter helped me clean the house and watch Youngest Daughter, and everyone else did their parts when all the stuff was moved and we just had to close out the old house and make it all shiny and sparkly and seemingly-new.

I scrubbed our greatroom on hands and knees because I forgot the clippy things for the mop so I just pretended that I was Caroline Ingalls but with WAY more kids and WAY less hair.

So then we moved to our house on base which rocks in its own way because, although we prayed that we wouldn’t have any neighbors behind us and a huge field to play in, we actually got a house that has a bike path directly behind us AND A RIVER!!!!!!!!  So the little kids don’t have to ride on the sidewalks in front of the house, and the big boys get to fish all. day. long.

And in the winter, people ski on the river, ice fish, AND the Yukon Quest races on the river, which is the slightly younger brother of the Iditarod.

So we basically have Disneyland in our backyard.

Add to that the awesome-ness of the bike paths here and it’s just been a really great thing!

When we first moved in, we upgraded most of the kids’ bikes, bought a cool trailer for the two littlest ones, and a tag-along bike for the next smallest.

It has been so much stinkin’ fun riding all over base on the paths!

This morning, we rode for almost 10 miles, played on one playground, and got mildly lost once.

The tag-along is basically a bike seat and back wheel for little kids that attaches onto the back of an adult bike.  It kinda looks like a tandem, but the back seat is close to the ground and attached, instead of being built into it like a tandem would be.

Five-Year-Old rides on this behind me.  He hasn’t had any experience riding bikes at all because of where we’ve lived over the last few years.  So he has just learned the proper way to pedal.

He asks me frequently if he is doing it right.

This morning, as were were biking, I looked back and saw his little feet pedaling away, and I said, “Good job, Bud!  You’re riding like a big boy.”

He smiled a proud little smile and then I heard him whisper to himself…..

“I am AWESOME!” 

And you gotta add a lisp to make it truly authentic.  

And yes.  He is THAT cute. 




6 Responses to “The Last Three Weeks”

  1. So glad to hear to found as awesome spot. It’s good to be near people sometimes.

  2. Mindy said

    I love it!!! He IS awesome!!! 🙂

  3. Mother said

    Sounds like a fanTAStic place to live! Ten miles of bike trails?
    I’m jealous. 🙂

  4. This is such an encouraging post! I hope you are as happy as you sound! You know, bike paths equal people….so you will see people even though you still live in Alaska?

  5. Hope your new place is better than your last 2 places!

  6. Alisha Sullivan said

    I so would try to be friends with you since I don’t have friends yet where we moved and its been over a year!! lol….people where we moved to don’t seem to have a sense of humor or happy upbeat lives at all…Just reading your posts make me happier seeing that someone else out in the big world is funny and loving life with just her family! I have heard my 4yr old boy saying things like that on occasion too! 🙂 Always makes me smile knowing that they hear it from us and then know that it is true for themselves!

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