It’s Back!

September 13, 2012

The desire to write is back!

The last two years of our lives have been very, very difficult.  We believe that Satan has been trying very hard to destroy our marriage, our family, and have even sometimes wondered if he’s been trying to mess with our sanity.

It really IS a thing here in Alaska.

I thought it was kinda fake and dramatic too until I moved here and realized that I could so go off the deep end if I let go and allowed myself to.

But then I remember that supper has to be made and no one wants to change the nasty diapers so where would that leave Little Bit?  And the laundry?  I’m the one who makes sure that the dirty laundry actually makes it into the washer and that the house ends up halfway neat at the end of the day and school gets done and no one kills each other over that one toy that’s been in the house for the past 12 years but is now being fought over by 2 kids.

So basically?  I’m not allowed to lose it, no matter how much the dark and cold messes with my brain and emotions.


When things get bad, it’s like a well dries up in me.  There’s just nuthin’ there.  No desire to write and, subsequently, no writing. 

I so wish that I was this lady, who can write about beans and moonlight and sad things that happen in a way that makes you ache and want to drive to her house and live in her spare bedroom and watch the way she lives life.

I just don’t have that in me.  I hope that I do someday.  If that happens, this blog will change drasically from one filled with descriptions of toddler body functions and the way I handled (or DIDN’T handle) a recent temper tantrum (that may or may NOT have been MINE)… one of nobility and edification and the furthering of spiritual growth.

Right now, I’m writing about my days in the only way I know how.  With humor and self-deprecation and the occasional mention of Yummy Man’s legs.

It’s just all real up in here and I’m gonna try and keep this going because my children love to read about themselves and my yummy man likes to read the words I write and my parents like to read about the grandkids and my uncle likes to read about……wait….I don’t know WHY he likes to read this blog. 

So there you go.  An attempt to placate those of you who were wondering what happened to us and actually want to read more of our lives.  Not sure what that says about YOU, but it makes ME feel loved.

So thank you.


11 Responses to “It’s Back!”

  1. Jordan said

    This is Kim even tho it says Jordan–
    I’ve been reading parts of Ann’s book (1,000 gifts) aloud to my children–yes, so beautiful and simple, yet so deep…so helpful in allowing us to hang on another day!! Living in Wisconsin almost killed my mom (the inability to get out of bed and face the darkness, the sinus infections, and the cold) so that’s why we ended up in Arizona. But depression, Satanic oppression, and spiritual warfare is EVERYWHERE in these last days so the battle goes on. Put on your armor and stand firm!!!!

    Good to hear from you 🙂

  2. Amy Moller said

    WELCOME BACK!! I love love love that you help me feel not alone! (and I don’t even live in Alaska!)
    Blessings cyber-friend!

  3. Sharon said

    Welcome back! So glad to read another one of your entries! Love you!

  4. kewi00 said

    So glad that you are back! Your writings have been missed.

  5. Mother said

    Well …. FINALLY! Hallelujah, you’re there! We’ve MISSED you! Where have you BEEN? Welcome back! Can’t wait to read about the grandchildren again. 🙂

  6. I have been thinking alot about you and wondering and praying that you would write again. I’m so glad to know what is going on with your wonderful family…..:-)

  7. Heather said

    Glad you are back! Maybe one more meeting at the park before winter? 🙂

  8. cousin Tonya said

    Don’t know if this will help, but at least we know you’re still normal and sane because you don’t like the darkness. Children of Light aren’t supposed to like the darkness. So keep letting your light shine. Me thinks Alaska was made just for visiting. Hang in there girl. I’m sending love and prayer your way.

  9. Mindy said

    Welcome back! 🙂

  10. Heather said

    the pics were gorgeous 🙂 Just gorgeous! I’m a lurker that once in awhile finds time to get online and catch up on blogs..yours makes the top 5 I “just have to read” and then I’ll go do something important like laundry..or washt he floors, etc. Glad to see you back!

  11. abi said

    Welcome back!! I’ve missed YOU!! I also still miss your beautiful laugh! Thanks for being real! Email me sometime when it works. I’d love to “catch up” and don’t think I have your current email?!? Hugs your way!

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