And the Consensus Is…..

September 15, 2012

…..more pictures!

Y’all are cool.

So here is what 14-Year-Old did one cold morning at Bishop’s Beach in Homer.

The words are formed with rocks and the edging is seaweed. He’s a cool kid. While I was standing around trying to have fun while wearing a coat on the beach…..and did I mention the winds were REALLY windy that day?….this is what HE did. You’re probably jealous that he isn’t YOUR kid, huh? Yeah. Well. Stinks for you. Oh….he also recently won a photo contest. And spent all the earnings on Legos. One day he’s gonna have a mortgage and a wife. Hopefully, they will remind him of their need for heat and food and stuff. Otherwise, their cardboard box in the alley over the street grate will be full of Legos and they won’t have room to crawl in and go to sleep before Daddy has to get up to go stand on the street corner with the “WILL WORK FOR LEGOS” sign.

And now here are various pictures taken on the way back home……






This next picture is one of Alaska’s version of rest stops….outhouses in the middle of nowhere.  You are probably asking, “WHO takes pictures of outhouses?”  See the fog?  I have a weird love for fog.  Always have.  And then I married a yummy man who would become a weather forecaster, who told me that fog is really clouds down really low, and I realized that when there’s fog, we’re walking around in clouds!  Is that not cool to anyone else? Told you it was weird.

And here is quite possibly the greatest picture i’ve ever taken…….with the reflection of the rear view mirror totally ruining it. That’s what you get when you try to take stellar pictures out a 12-passenger van with 10 kids participating in various forms of entertainment (some good, some not-so-much, meaning LOUD!). And Yummy Man pushing the speed limit. I’d totally stink as a war correspondent/photographer.


And here’s a picture of a hayfield near the spot I supervised 15-Year- Old’s duck hunt last weekend.

I know it doesn’t go with the rest of the pictures. Just wanted to see if you were paying attention. Also? There are very few hayfields where we live and I kinda miss the ones in Iowa. Hayfields and normal winters. Not the tornadoes.


9 Responses to “And the Consensus Is…..”

  1. Heather said

    He can just build a house out of Legos 🙂

  2. Becky said

    Beautiful pictures!

  3. Susanna said

    Those pictures are beautiful! So lovely out where you guys live……..
    Say hi to everyone for me, ’cause we miss you all so very much!xoxoxoxo

  4. Kristin said

    cropping lesson I learned years ago from someone much more artistic than I… put your horizon at the 1/3 or 2/3 line rather than the center. if you do that to your otherwise totally gorgeous picture (top 1/3) you lose the unsightly reflection of the mirror. again, your pics are gorgeous! if I bring my family up – in our 15 passenger van – can we stay w you? 😉

  5. pberlanga said

    Hello,I can’t comment anymore on your posts because I have to sign in using word press (of which I don’t have an account), or Twitter (ditto) or Facebook (and I don’t want anyone knowing my FB info because I’m weird that way).  Can’t we please go back to the good ol’ days when I could sign in with Google? P.S. (which is weird because I didn’t really sign anything) If I were going to comment, I’d have said that the pictures AFTER the beach picture looks like the wind is a lot less windy. :o)

  6. Dasa Williams said

    You’ve got my hubbie crackin’ up. Shared the cool photos with him (he has the sister that lives in Homer) and he’s just lovin’ Lego boy! I think he’s giving some serious thinking to the Lego house. Hopefully not the cardboard box!

  7. Zum said

    GREAT pictures!!!!

  8. cousin Tonya said

    Oh! How can your eyes stand all the beauty, they must be so tired I feel so sorry for you. What I really want to know is how often you have to stop for restroom purposes with 10 children in the car?

  9. Alisha Ann said

    You take such beautiful pictures 😀

    Tell your oldest I said “hey”


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