September 27, 2012

Conversation this morning with Four-Year-Old……

Him: “Mommy, where do sharks live?”
Me: “In the ocean. You know when we go to the beach? Well, waaaaayy out there in the water is where sharks live.”
Him: “Are sharks nice?”
Me: (and please remember that fun morsel about me as you read this) “Well…….um…….(and other trying-to-be-objective sounds)….sharks aren’t really nice. It’s not really their jobs to be nice. They have to eat and God made them have to eat other fish and animals in the ocean.”
Him: “So sharks are mean then? They’re bad guys?” (And please read that with a lisp.)
Me: “I guess they can be the very few times they attack people, but that’s really rare.”

So basically, I restrained myself from totally obliterating the reputation of sharks.

What is WRONG with me? I’m afraid I might start hugging trees soon.



One Response to “Today”

  1. Mother said

    Wait. Wait. You’re telling me that you BYPASSED the opportunity to ‘trash’ sharks? What is WRONG with you??? Sounds to me like you’ve slipped over the edge!!! Watch out trees!!!!! 🙂

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