Well, Hello There. Also? Yummy Man said it’s been a year to the day since I last posted so I should have a wittier title than this but I’m just not doing that right now.

November 2, 2013

I realize in the undertaking of this, a long-lost blog post on a long-lost blog, I am probably writing into the internet void but I’m okay with that. Sometimes, believing that no one may ever read this helps to make the writing of said post easier.

Or not.
The truth is that life got hard. Like, really hard. And it was hard to see joy, much less just make it through the day without being like those gross hamsters that eat their children alive.
That probably wasn’t the best analogy I could’ve chosen. But I can think of worse ones so be thankful you got the one you got.
These last three years have been the worst and hardest of our marriage. There have been crises that threatened to undo us….things that probably allowed Satan to think that maybe he’s making some progress in the destruction of a marriage and family.
But we’ve conquered much and we are fine and even happy.
Because in 9 months or less, we get to leave this, the worst assignment of my husband’s career. We’re happy about that. We’re relieved that the end is finally in sight and able to be counted in months.
We’re in our last winter here, which is significant when you live where we live. In less than a year, we will probably be back in the land of Chick-fil-as and Targets and, if we’re REALLY lucky, Panda Expresses.
Also? Thrift stores that don’t charge eight dollars for toddler dresses.
OR, we could end up in the land of church bells, fluffy sheep, and really cool markets where you can buy old stained glass windows from 150-year-old churches and wooden toys that will last so long, my grandchildren will play with them.
Either way, we’re ready to go. Yummy Man and I are ready for different reasons than the kids. The kids are itching to take a long road trip with lots of hotels with indoor swimming pools and free breakfasts and stops at restaurants where they get to choose whatever they want to eat, instead of what’s on the $1 menu, because the Air Force is paying and we’re gonna live it up. Also, almost limitless turns on various cell phone games and iPods and the like.
Oh, and movies. Even though we try to strike a balance between regular kid movies and educational fare. It’s harder now to figure this out because the taller children want to watch things like Tim Hawkins, the hilarious Christian comedian, and the shorter children want to watch Winnie the Pooh. And a documentary on World War II isn’t met with the same enthusiasm by the short people as Syd the Science Kid is.
I’m just gonna tell everyone that this is good for them. Patience, delayed gratification, letting others watch their age-level videos without complaining about how painful the amateur animation is to watch and making general fun of the entire DVD. Not everyone can be entertained with the same videos anymore. Life is hard.
We WILL learn character-developing things while being shut inside a crammed van with people next to us breathing too loudly through their nostrils or resting their elbows on sibling hipbones for 10 to 14 days straight.
It’s a fun experience that I start out calling an adventure in the first week, and then call other various, inappropriate names through clenched jaws and fists until we arrive at our final destination intact.
And now to leave you with a funny kid anecdote……..
My older kids enjoy the music of TobyMac. They enjoy making music videos for some of his songs which usually turn out hilarious, with me laughing so hard, tears are rolling down my face, even though I’m thinking that’s not the intended response.
Now, my 5-year-old is a fan of TobyMac and I can’t figure out if this is fine with me, or very very disturbing in ways that I haven’t fully formed in my brain yet.
Either way, yesterday he told me that he had made up a song so I asked him to sing it for me. Mysteriously, it sounded identical to a TobyMac song, but with different words. When I asked him what the title was, he said this……..(and it deserves its own line so here goes)
Joey Lives in a Burrito.
And there is nothing else I could write that would top that.


17 Responses to “Well, Hello There. Also? Yummy Man said it’s been a year to the day since I last posted so I should have a wittier title than this but I’m just not doing that right now.”

  1. Heather said

    About time! I just checked in a few days ago and almost ALMOST sent you an email to remind you it had been almost a year:) I am truly glad that the Lord has carried you through these tough times… and I do know what you mean. Things get tough and we feel sure Satan is delighting in our struggles, but we remind ourselves that Jesus is in control! That upcoming adventure next year sounds fun – except for the close quarters of kids elbow to elbow for days. πŸ™‚

  2. Wanda O. said

    Great to hear from you! I’ve thought about you a lot through this year. Hope the next 9 months go quickly for you all.

  3. Susanna said

    You need to move back to us! πŸ˜€

  4. Nicole J. said

    Wow! I have not checked your blog in years (because these last 3 years I have been swimming in babies– my own! and swimming in cow’s manure and milk and all sorts of things), and I finally checked it TODAY, the very day you posted. The Lord must have had a reason. Well, I found it very encouraging, especially the hamster eating her young part! We had a very short trip (two days each way) to Kentucky (for the AWESOME AnswersinGenesis Creation Museum) and by the last two hours of the trip home, I thought I would lose my mind!!! So I will be praying for your trip to the new destination. Much Love to you, sister.

    • Nicole,

      We have been wondering about the Creation Museum! Was it worth that long of a trip?


      • Nicole J. said

        Yes, definitely worth the trip. A lot of my questions were answered (in Genesis!). In addition to the museum with various exhibits (all leading back to the gospel in amazing and beautiful ways), there are beautiful gardens, a well maintained petting zoo (with a couple of surprises!), camel rides, etc. etc. Through the experience I felt more equipped for teaching my children and explaining to others the reason for the hope we have in Christ. The evidence for creation and a worldwide flood is overwhelming, really indisputable unless purposefully trying to avoid the truth. By the way, ticket prices very reasonable and are good for two days. Also, i noticed a sign for a bed and breakfast near the museum. That would have been so awesome (if we had the money and less people with us!)

      • Great to know! Thanks! We hope to visit there sometime soon.

    • oliveplants said

      So fantastic to hear from you! Last time I saw you, you were living in that neat house in CB w/ your oldest boy and girl. You were NOT preg, but trying. You’ve apparently had some changes. =) Is that the understatement of the year? So now you have to update me on everything, complete with pictures! Seriously, I’m extremely interested!! Thanks for writing and do it anytime!!

  5. I left a really nice “welcome back” but your newer format requires logging in with one of my accounts (which I hate) or whatever and it got lost.

    Welcome back!

  6. Hooray! The blog is back! πŸ™‚
    Very glad to be reading a post from you again.

  7. I do understand how hard life can get….Happy you are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!

  8. I was lead to my to my own neglected blog and just happened to glance at my blog list…saw you had posted! Woot!
    Glad to see you are getting over the hump of this rough ride. Managing the multiply age levels has turned out to be quite the challenge. (I can do tall people…or small people…just not all people at once!!)
    Bless you!

  9. Susan said

    So glad you are back! Sorry life got so hard and hoping it continues to get better! I know from experience that trials strengthen us so I bet you are really strong! I also went to Montreat and I think I found your blog through their newsletter a couple of years ago. I enjoy your blog!

  10. joyfulmom6 said

    Oh my gosh Allison I am so glad you are back. We moved to Colorado a year ago and I can honestly say it has been one of the most difficult years of our marriage. So glad to hear you all made it through the hard times. Give me encouragement to know we can get through this.
    Also we had another little girl 7 months ago.
    We are now at 7 girls and 2 boys and this momma is pretty content.

    • oliveplants said

      So great to hear from you, Susan! I think about you so often and wonder hire you are. I know the Lord has a purpose in all that happens in our lives and I look forward to seeing how he uses the struggles we’ve had. It’s so comforting to know it wasn’t wasted.Congrats on your newest little one! You always have the cutest babies. πŸ™‚ Please keep in touch!

  11. Trinka said

    Sorry about the hard-time … I think we’ve all had versions of those seasons, and can immediately put ourselves emotionally Right THERE when we read those words. I’m thankful to see something from you again.

  12. Joan Brown said

    Allison and family
    Hello from the Browns! So has Baby arrived?
    I am grateful God continues to carry you through your desert experience. May you all continue to lean into Him. He can handle it!

    If you have time, drop us an email. Maybe you will end up back in Nebraska??!! Not Europe by a long shot, but it would be great to have you back.

    Joan Brown

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