Sorry About That

January 29, 2014

So if you weren’t up early reading possibly-offensive blog posts yesterday morning, you missed my possibly-offensive blog post.

I wrote it and thought it was pretty good, although I did grimace a time or two while typing it out. Then I hit “publish” and had Yummy Man read it and he jokingly expressed concern that we might get a knock on our door from Child Protective Services if word got around.  But I just kinda snorted and said that this is what happens to moms with kids and this is what kids DO, although she’s the first one of mine who has ever done it, and she’s number 10.

So then I went to bed and didn’t think about it until the next morning…..when it was very early here and I was nursing and I got horrified by the incident, looking at it from YOUR viewpoint.  And I thought maybe it would be just too gross to post.  (Hey!  I’m a poet!)

So now that I’ve got your interest, here’s what we’ll do.  If you want me to post the gross story, tell me the grossest thing any of your kids have ever done…..and let me give a caveat here.  I’m not talking teen-age grossness….I’m talking toddler grossness.  If any of yours exceed or come close to the story I was hesitant to post, I’ll post it.  Deal?

Get crackin’.

Gross me out.



3 Responses to “Sorry About That”

  1. Susanna said

    I’m sure Mom would love to read it. 😉 We sure miss y’all!

  2. I have 4 kids but the Lord has been kind and veiled those memories for the sake of my sanity. However, I was at my friend’s house when her toddler took off her diaper, stepped into the poo and tracked it all over the upstairs carpeting and down the carpeted stairs. Momma was dry heaving as she scraped up the chunks and scrubbed out the smears. She was so traumatized, I think it may be the reason she never had more kids…it was either that or because she already had 4 kids by c-section and her doctor advised against more. My guess is, it was the poo.

  3. Wendy Cameron said

    Okay, poop smearing on the walls, straight from the diaper while said child was supposed to be sleeping in crib is not at the top of the list. Neither is the kid who could never seem to get all the poop on the toilet paper so opted instead to clean their hand of excess poop on the wall next to the toilet. Nope after 7 kids, poop doesn’t do it for me. The one that really got to me was the kid who was always chewing on their feet, even with shoes on…even when we had just done a marathon errand trip through parking lots filled with oil, gas and who knows what. The bottom of their shoes werw black and there they were, chomping on those shoes like they were a plate of ribs.

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