Let’s Try This Again

June 18, 2016

Some of my children have recently re-read the book I made for them from my first few years of blogging here. They LOVE reading about themselves and their siblings, remembering which house we were in when that kid fell down the stairs, which kid it was who vomited after a special trip to the pizza buffet, and which kid carried the cat around by its head. I love hearing them laughing aloud as they sit in the big leather chair in the sunroom, reading the “word scrapbook” I began years ago and, in recent years, have woefully neglected.

I don’t want to be the parent who took a million pictures of their first baby, and two of subsequent ones. I don’t want to do the written-word equivalent of that.

So I will begin again, placing each everyday story of our lives here in this scrapbook of sorts, making and keeping the memories fresh and safe for my favorite people in the world.

So be on guard, family of mine. Anything and everything has become potential blog fodder once again.

You’ve been warned.


2 Responses to “Let’s Try This Again”

  1. givethanks1518 said

    Oh mercy – thanks for the warning. šŸ™‚
    I look forward to reading your blog again – ALWAYS enjoyable and FUN!

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