Yummy Man

June 18, 2016

Third post today! (I’ve been saving them up in my head over the last week or two.)

Remember how Yummy Man was a weather forecaster in the military? Did I ever share that? Well he was, and even though he’s not a hard-core weather nerd, he enjoys watching the varied weather here, following it with the tools he can find online, and discussing it with a meteorologist at church….. and when i say “discussing”, i mean making fun of the poor young guy for making a bad call on that storm last night, because that’s how Yummy Man rolls.

Last week, he and I were eating lunch at a restaurant nearby. We were sitting at a table that is on the second floor, with a huge window that faces the street. We were talking, and then suddenly, Yummy Man glances out the window and says in a concerned voice, “Oh no!” Thinking he’d just seen a biker get hit by a car, I looked where he was staring, and asked what was wrong.

He said this….

“Mid cloud nine!”


2 Responses to “Yummy Man”

  1. givethanks1518 said

    “Mid cloud nine!”
    Ummmmm … could you enlarge on that a bit? (I’ll probably be sorry I asked.) 🙂

    • oliveplants said

      It indicates some disturbance, apparently, like thunderstorms. It was just so funny how he said it, and the level of geekdom that was required for the drama of it. 🙂

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