Mommy Time

February 26, 2009

Yesterday, I took 7-Year-Old and 4-Year-Old out with me for a little Mommy Time.  We went to The Restaurant That Yummy Man Won’t Even Drive By Because He Found a Hair In One of His Meals Once Many Months Ago.  But when he’s not with me, I sneak there sometimes and devour their Orange Chicken with Chow Mein because that stuff is heaven in my mouth.  Plus, I’ve never encountered a hair other than my own, but I can’t blame this restaurant for the fact that the number of children I have makes me lose hair more than normal women AND it turns said hairs grayer than normal women also.

At least, that’s the story I’m going with.


There I was, sitting and sitting and sitting and trying not to dig bloody holes into my palms, waiting for my two precious-and-highly-intelligent-but-excruciatingly-slow-eating daughters to finish up their meals, when 7-Year-Old looked out the window and asked me why we weren’t eating outside like those people.

After I reminded her that it was, like, 90-hundred degrees outside because we live in the desert and that’s what deserts do, she looked out once again and said,

“Oh.  I understand.  Those people who are out there are old and you know what THAT means.”

And then she started munching away again on her heavenly Orange Chicken with Chow Mein.

So, being the attentive mom that I am, I told her that, no, I DIDN’T know what that meant and to please inform me.

And she told me this…….

“Well, remember that when you get old, your skin starts to peel off, so that means that they are probably on some layer deeper down and so that makes them be not as hot as we are.”



And then I actually considered, for a split second, that THAT must be the reason we see so many senior citizens down here.

It’s because of the PSP……Peeling Skin Phenomenon.

Yes, we homeschool.  Why do you ask?


One Response to “Mommy Time”

  1. Mother said

    Ha, ha, ha. Yes, I believe we have two of those older people with Peeling Skin Phenomenom in our house……. So THAT’S why they are cold all the time! And to think, it took a seven-year-old to figure that out and explain it to us!

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